Classy provides state-of-the-art fundraising
tools for nonprofits, and many organizations use Classy to power their peer-to-peer events.
The Classy suite comes with a participant search page to help donors find family and
friends. But for organizations with an event series that runs across multiple Classy campaigns,
a comprehensive, one-stop search tool was still needed. Zuri Group worked with several organizations
to develop a WordPress plugin specifically for Classy that allows site visitors to search
across and navigate through multiple Classy campaigns from a single landing page. This
comprehensive search tool allows friends and family to find a particular team or fundraiser
to donate to and helps potential fundraisers to find an event in their location. Walkers can locate a walk in their community
by using their zip code or selecting a state. From the search results, the call-to-action
changes based on the Classy event-date. And even though a walk event has completed,
supporters still have the option to make a gift. For fundraisers looking to join a team, the
plugin provides a simple team name search. Team results include: Team Name, Team Captain
details, Event listing, and a call-to-action to Join the team or make a gift. For donors who aren’t as familiar with the
Walk program, the plugin provides a participant search that searches across a number of Classy
campaigns or Walk locations. The search results surface data from multiple
Walks across the country providing donors a seamless user experience while keeping Walk
fundraisers organized through separate Classy Campaigns. In addition to providing cross-campaign search
functionality, the plugin offers a total raised feature that displays the total dollars raised
across multiple Classy Campaigns. To ensure that the organization has full control
of the data surfaced through the WordPress plugin, we’ve designed this tool to be easy-to-manage
by developing a space to further define what Classy Campaign data should be included. This
space can be edited at any time, as Campaigns open and close. Zuri Group Classy Plugin for WordPress is
an easy-to-configure, flexible search tool that supports user experience and navigation
across multiple Classy Campaigns. For more information about The Zuri Group
Classy Plugin for WordPress, email us at [email protected]

Zuri Group’s Classy Plugin for WordPress

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