Create a post For this post I pre-prepared a set of specifications in the MDTF plugin Add a Feature image Add a new spesification post with MDTF data If you copy the shortcode from this Specfication and insert it in the post you will get such a frontend information part. The theme has some post functions and options and one of them is Post Galery images where you can add a product galery to post. You can also add it to a Specification tab. Add also a video to the post. The theme supports YouTube & Vimeo links. As you can see the design looks no very well. Therefore, we will add a video specification else and create tabs with all specifications. To create a new layout for all posts go to the Layout tabs plugin and click ‘Add Layout tab’ Here is very simple. You create in turn a tab with reqiured post specification shortcode. Copy specification shortcode… …and insert it in ‘Insert Shortcode’ field. If you tick the checkbox icons and titles in headers of the tabs will be placed gorizontally. Now you need assign layout to posts.

WPSM Specification fields plugin – Simple settings
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  • August 14, 2019 at 10:25 am

    Where to download this plugin


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