[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: The office is very
lively, very colorful. Everybody’s very nice. It’s almost like a family
environment. SPEAKER 2: So here in Wroclaw,
we are working with small and medium business advertisers. SPEAKER 3: Working with small
and medium-sized businesses really makes a difference,
because you can impact the way they develop. SPEAKER 1: You get front row
seats, because you’re always connected with the customer. Here, we’re taking care of them
and making sure they’re satisfied with our products. SPEAKER 4: When you’re active,
and when you have ideas, you’ve got lots of
support here. And you can come up with an idea
so your manager or the director of your office will
definitely support you. SPEAKER 2: Google Wroclaw
is a small office. We have around 200 people. It’s very easy to meet people
and make new friends. SPEAKER 3: The people don’t
feel like colleagues. It’s more a mix of colleagues
that are also your friends. So it’s really unique. SPEAKER 5: Perks– definitely– well, probably everybody already
mentioned the food. SPEAKER 6: We work really hard
at Google, but we also have a lot of fun. If you like sports, this
is a really cool place. We have tennis, football,
yoga, the gym. And of course, we have
the ping pong and the pool table here. There’s so many things you
could do at Google. We actually have
a Google band. [BAND PLAYING] SPEAKER 5: I think it’s good to
start in Wroclaw, because it’s really impossible
to be bored. SPEAKER 7: The city
is just lovely. You don’t get stressed. You enjoy the quality of life. SPEAKER 3: Yeah, it’s just this atmosphere you have in here. It’s very unique
about Wroclaw. SPEAKER 1: There are a lot of
opportunities in the office to grow your career. It’s just about grabbing them
and making it happen. SPEAKER 3: I’m still
starting here. It’s still my beginning. But I’m figuring out new ways
every day to work on new possibilities for my career. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Working at Google in Wroclaw, Poland
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