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name is Joel Sam. If you are new here please do me a simple favour, go down and
hit the red subscribe button to be part of this amazing family. If you are a returning subscriber I want to say thank you so much for all the love and support
you’ve given this channel from day one especially since my comeback just a few
weeks ago. So today I want to celebrate the internet right the internet is the
most amazing thing that has happened to humanity since its inception. It’s
created so many opportunities for growth development and renewal of ourselves
as a species such that we never ever imagined was possible. So today’s video
will be focusing on the benefits of the internet and how young people, especially in my
country Ghana and my continent Africa can take advantage of the opportunities
that lie available on the Internet. So I want to talk about five ways the
internet is such a blessing for mankind and the first way that comes to mind is
the opportunity for free education there’s so much to learn from the
internet for free. In fact all the skills I know, I learned from the internet. It’ll
just surprise you that even the ICT skills I know, I didn’t really pick them
from school; from my lessons and ICT in basic school or JHS or even in SHS but from the internet; from watching YouTube videos, from reading articles about
how to do this and that and basically that’s how I gained my information, my
knowledge about stuff that I do on the internet is an amazing opportunity to
learn or free in fact as we reported in the u.s. that college enrolment rates
have declined by about 0.4% because people are finding that the
information they would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to aqcuire from University is free on the internet and if they put in the effort and put in
the dedication needed they would make it in life just by
learning from stuff on the Internet this is not to say that those of us who
are in school should just drop school and then make your life about watching videos on YouTube or about
reading articles on internet, no. I believe that schooling is still
important because there’s a wealth of informations school provides, an opportunity
to meet people, interact, and share ideas which you may not find on the Internet
you know in a way that is very necessary so the Internet should only be seen as a
supplementary tool to enhance your knowledge, to enhance education most of
you are expecting different fields but by what you need to introduce there’s so
much more you can also consider the Internet as one way of enhancing your
information because knowledge the s3 knowledge that is accessible knowledge
that is exciting for everyone the second opportunity the Internet has created is
the opportunity to assess a wider market I spoke about this my previous video
about how you know platforms like five become the new platforms like awkward
have given people the opportunity to access a wide range of people and
markets just those markets their products and so a better opportunity for
wealth or income generation so that’s the second thing I love about the
internet its ability to open you up to a wild market a very important the thing I
love about the Internet it’s the opportunity to influence people
positively I remember and becoming a subscriber to mkbhd when he was in his
early miriam’s you know now sound ten million subscribers if greeted by
ruthless emotionless tiny millions and I remember watching some of his only
discussed are born and Vietnam in East other the kind of group he had me and
his channel has made and the sort of impact was having on people you know
those days you need to yesterday be a very big person to be able to have that
sort of influence you need to become a TV hostess in Europe or town or
something very stressful point would have that sort of influence for people
of Gaza ventilated so free and just because the hormone to the
tripod record good content and influence people positively there’s so many
youtubers are than what influencing people positively on a daily basis we
have market value and PhD we have three hum Stefan is a real estate you know
agent we have me to bank and so many other people but I doing fine you to
people’s lives by the Internet’s so that is another thing I love about lentils
the person I love about the Internet is the ability to interact and network with
a wide range of people last time out discussing with a friend
named in and the fact that it’s created the opportunity for people in different
way confuse interacts as become an opportunity for people to even get to
the a dream job slinging and it’s not just about LinkedIn it’s about the
Internet in general excreta this amazing opportunity for network attack magic for
which we legs have some message and so we cannot relent an X for that what you
have in the custom network I have friends in Canada have friends in Sweden
how friends and Yuki these are not against these are people to smash
policies we’ve never met anywhere in Sunday school exchange at school it so
but because of interaction on the internet who knew each other we share
ideas and we continue to solving problems of our society
so the synodic animal internet i love so much that believes me and it gives other
people to network interact and share so many wonderful ideas finally the last
thing I love about the Internet is that there is no discrimination you see on
the internet you need to sell your scroll and you need to sell your talent
it has nothing to do with your skin color your race your nationality
how much you have in your bank account how rich or poor you are the Internet is
a level platform for anybody to shine and that is what I love so much about
the Internet it’s available to everyone accessible to all and so for those of
you who don’t know what to do with yourselves and especially those who are
battling with unemployment there are so many opportunities on the internet I
already spoke about so many opportunities to shine so many
opportunities so many opportunities to learn so many
opportunities to add value to your income and all of that so take advantage
of the Internet to be I’m fighting in Africa let’s add deficits when it comes
to the internet Internet is too expensive and they are so many places
where people don’t have access to the Internet and my personal conviction is
that in the Internet where as free and accessible as it was in America and
Europe will have a lot of young Africans doing a lot of great things to lift
Africa up it’s not too late there’s still the opportunity those of you who
have access to the Internet please do not miss the opportunity please do not
waste your bundle please do not waste it on unnecessary things on pornography
only returns that will not bring you any sort of education moves and it’s an
added value to you and I don’t value to do surrounding so these are my reasons
for love immense and this is why today I have chosen to celebrate the Internet if
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    I love the internet too
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