in this video you will learn what kind
of information can I find online and how do I search effectively for this
information when you’re finding information in the library you’re often
doing research or making connections between different topics or concepts
when you’re looking for information online you’re often searching for facts there are four types of information that
are easier and faster to locate online specific facts government information
data and statistics and recent events specific facts like the definition of a
term or the birth date of a historical figure are often easier and faster to
locate with a simple Google search while a few databases do have government
documents laws population and census data as well as government agency
reports are often easiest to find with Google government and open access
datasets are often available online and Google also has its own search tool for
datasets breaking news and special events not typically covered in magazines and newspapers might not be available for more than a week after the
event occurred websites can provide quick easy overview of the facts but be
careful of accuracy ask yourself a few questions about the

What should I look for on the Internet?
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