Hey, everyone! My name is Andrea. I was
Temple student vlogger in the fall of 2019 … A recent Temple alum, recent Temple grad and I really just wanted to take a
moment to say thank you for everyone who watched my videos throughout the
semester, new viewers, old viewers, everyone in between. If you checked out
my main channel throughout the course of the semester, I have solo travel videos
on there, Temple vlogs from the past three and a half years of me being a
student and even some personal videos on there! I hope to continue my journey on
YouTube on that channel, and now that I’m no longer a student vlogger, I hope you can stick around and stay with me through my post-grad journey studying for the LSAT,
getting a job, feeling like an adult, whatever that means, and just growing
with me as I continue posting videos as I travel around the world and travel
around the country. But since I will no longer be posting videos for Temple, I am
here to let you all know that the position for Temple student vlogger
for the spring of 2020 is now open. it’s now available and you could be the next
student vlogger. Check out the description box below for more
information on how to apply, how to possibly get this job of being a Temple
YouTuber. There is no experience needed, really, you just need to be able to come
up with weekly video ideas, edit your videos and make sure you put a little
bit of personality into it. I hope you all apply if this interests you in any
way shape or form. It’s been a really, really amazing time working with Temples
communications team, and just meeting people on campus who watched my videos, and, yeah, it’s really fun … Plus you get paid! Once again, thank you so much for being
so wonderful and watching my videos every week. I really hope I get to see
you all on my main channel. I have a lot planned for this coming year. Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you apply to be Temple’s student vlogger for the spring of 2020, and I will see you all on my a

We’re Looking for Our Next Student Vlogger!

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