Welcome at a new video tutorial from Woosa. In this video I’ll explain how the VidaXL WooCommerce plug-in works. And how you can easily start with the VidaXL dropshipping. But first I want to tell you who Woosa is and what we do! At Woosa we create WooCommerce plug-ins. We do that in collaboration with our partners. We sell these plug-ins in a license model,
where you pay a monthly fee. In return you receive unlimited updates and support. And you can share your feedback on our plug-ins so that we can improve them. Having said that, let’s start with the VidaXL WooCommerce Plug-in. Thanks to VidaXL it is easy to start with dropshipping. With dropshipping you don’t need your own stock while being able to offer a catalog with thousands of products. When a dropshipping order is ready to be send, the supplier will take care of the shipment for you. In this case, VidaXL. To automate these processes, there is WooCommerce to help you with this. First go to WooCommerce and click on Settings. Then click on the tab VidaXL. Here you see several fields. The first field is API Key.
The second field is API Email. You purchase a license at Woosa. This license gives you unlimited updates and support for the plug-in. And of course can you share your feedback. Below you find the VidaXL API information. Here you can configure from which countries you accept orders. You can also enter your e-mail address. Also the API Token can be entered here,
and enable or disable the test mode. You can find your API Token in your VidaXL account. Go to your VidaXL account. Click in the top right on ‘My Account’. And then scroll down to API Token. Click on ‘Show API Token’ and copy this. You can then paste this to the API Token field. Then you can fill in the e-mail address that is linked with your VidaXL account. Click on save. Then we can go to the settings. Here you can configure additional settings. For example, when an order needs to be send to VidaXL. The VidaXL WooCommerce plug-in makes sure its easy to import and update products. But also makes sure that the orders are sent directly to VidaXL. So that they can sent them out easily. But keep in mind that you’ll need to confirm them manually. Because a payment needs to be done or you want to make sure everything is right. You can also configure how many times an order status needs to be synchronised. And how many times the product stock needs to be synchronised. This can be every hour, two times a day or daily. You can choose between a percentage or a fixed amount margin. You can also choose to use the VidaXL recommended price. These are the prices that VidaXL use in their own consumer shop. Below you can set the requirements for the importing of products. Here you can set the minimum and maximum price.
And also add a SKU prefix. And here you can also set out-of-stock products as concept or fully exclude them from importing. In some cases you may want to change products your self, such as the title or category description. In these cases you don’t want them to be overwritten when an updates occurs. So make sure to configure which information may be overwritten and which may not. It saves you a lot of work and frustration. At ‘Existing Products’ you can set up which information of imported products may not be overwritten. If you have made any adjustments,
click on ‘Save Changes’. Now we can import the products. To import the products, you’ll need a XML file. You receive the XML file from VidaXL. But you can also find this on our website. Which you can find on www.woosa.nl In this case, we use our own XML file. When you have entered the XML file, you can select the categories you want to import to your webshop. VidaXL has more than 20.000 products. It may be that your webshop is focussed on a certain category. Then you may not need all the available products. There for you can select which categories you want to import, and which ones you don’t want. When you have selected all the wanted categories, you can click on ‘Check for Products’. You can see that based on the selected categories, there were 587 products found. Now you can choose to import these products. Or when you have previously imported the products, you can choose to delete these products. When you click on import products… …you’ll see a progress bar. Which displays the progression of the import. During the import, you can continue to work on your webshop. Or continue with the configuration of the VidaXL plug-in. Now we will take a look at the ‘Checkout Form’ fields. If you use an alternative payment process. Or if you have changed the payment process yourself, then you’re required to define the ‘Checkout Form’ fields. As we do not know how you may have named certain fields, VidaXL wants to receive the information in a certain uniform way to be able to send the shipment. Go to your website… [ wrong website ] Go to your website. Open your checkout. Click with the right mouse button on, for example, First Name and select ‘Inspect’. Here you see behind ‘Name’:
billing_first_name This information should be entered in the ‘Checkout Form’ in the field of ‘First Name’. But as you can see, this is the default value of WooCommerce. As long the default values are being used,
you won’t have to fill in anything. But if you use anything else, you will have to enter your custom value in these fields. This way we make sure the correct information is entered. Now we will take a look at the products. At this moment, the product import is running. You’ll notice that products are being added to the list. Meanwhile, we’re going to edit the already imported products. We can already change the title. Also the description can be changed. And we can change the price, images and categories. Everything you can change from a WooCommerce product… …can also be changed with the VidaXL WooCommerce plug-in. We have added the functionality of the VidaXL tab. Make sure that your price is the same or just below the VidaXL price. This way you make sure you have a competitive price and become a competitor in the market. Here you can see the EAN code of the product. The price you sell the product for… …the purchase price and the price from VidaXL. At this moment, the selling price is green. Which means that your price is lower than the consumer price of VidaXL. However is your price currently without any margin. As the purchase price is the same as the selling price. In this case you can adjust the price to a different value. Then you can click on ‘Update’. As you can see, the price is still green.
Because it is still lower than the VidaXL consumer price. But now you have a profit margin. Now we will take a look at orders. When you receive an order… When you receive a purchase that is ordered with a product of VidaXL. Then you can see if the order was sent to VidaXL. A green check mark means it was sent. A red cross means it wasn’t sent. And with an error you can see what went wrong. As mentioned before, orders are send automatically to VidaXL. And they will send the product to your customer. However, you will need to manually confirm the purchase in your VidaXL dropshipping account. This is done to make sure the customer information is correctly sent to VidaXL. To do this, go to your VidaXL account. Click on the top on “Unsubmitted Orders”. On the bottom you can see the orders, where you can click on ‘Review & Confirm’. When you click on ‘Review & Confirm’,
then in the next screen you can click on ‘Next’. Then you can confirm the order. Keep in mind that the order payment needs to be immediately fulfilled at VidaXL. Which can be done with creditcard, paypal
or bank/wire transfer. Or you give your account a credit balance so you can sent the order trough. When you have processed an order, it will receive the status ‘Completed’. This doesn’t happen directly. As the VidaXL is configured to hourly, twice a day or daily. Depending on this configuration, the order receives the status update. And it will then also receive the track and trace code so that the shipment can be followed. When VidaXL receive a return, you’ll need to manually refund the customer. To give you a reminder, the status will be changed to ‘Refund Required’. So that you’ll know that this customer wants a refund. This was the VidaXL WooCommerce tutorial. We are happy to help you with the configuration of the plug-in. To find our support, you can call or send us an e-mail. You can call us on 003120 225 1980 Or send an email to [email protected] We want to wish you good luck with our VidaXL WooCommerce plug-in! And hopefully, you will sell a lot!

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