Hello, we will now show you the TWIN BUSCH truck tyre changer TW X-60 T. The clamping jaws are moved into the center hole of the rim. Turn the mounting arm so that the plate faces the wheel. Press the tyre bead inwards with the mounting plate. Rotate the wheel until the first bead is completely loosened. Now repeat the pressing on the inner side. The mounting claw can now be pushed between the rim and the bead. Carefully pull the bead over the flange with the mounting claw. The pry bar will be used now. Place the pry bar to the right of the claw. Rotate the wheel counterclockwise until the bead is completely out of the rim. Move the mounting arm to the inner side of the wheel. Push the second bead carefully out of the rim with the mounting plate. Use mounting paste for an easy and safe assembly. Grease both beads with the mounting paste as well. Push the first bead onto the rim. Fix the bead pressing tool on the rim. Position the mounting plate so that the bead is lead into the rim well. Rotate the wheel clockwise until the bead is completely mounted. The mounting arm can be extended approximately 13 cm
for the assembly of smaller wheels. Alloy clamping jaws are optionally available
to gently mount alloy rims with the TW X-60 T.

TW X-60 T: Truck wheel balancer from TWIN BUSCH ®
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