The project’s main aim is to
provide our dealer network in Italy and the rest of Europe with a tool to accurately measure
the efficiency and effectiveness of their Google campaigns. By evaluating store visits,
we can supply them with an estimated number of clients
who visit their dealership due to campaigns across all Google
channels and their average cost. Knowing the type of campaign
and what specific keywords or ads bring the best results is an excellent way for our dealers to improve
their site’s online presence. We can also detect the average time
between a click and a dealer visit as well as the distance
between the user and the store, and, therefore, improve
their investment in Google by not only bringing
potential clients to the dealer but by also improving conversion rates. Thanks to a strong collaboration and
partnership between FCA Headquarters, Reply, and Google, we can build a
process with a centralized, scalable structure
for over 1,500 dealers in Europe. Due to the shared management of the
Google My Business listings associated with each individual dealership account,
we can measure results in a coordinated way that would not
be feasible for a single dealer. This connection also allowed us to create
location extensions for the campaigns to help users arrive at the dealership and activate the KPI needed
to monitor and measure the impact of online activity
versus in-store visits. Once the project was implemented,
results were very positive. We were able to measure dealership visits to over 300 European dealers. This brought in over 70,000
dealership visits for an average store-visit rate of 7.6%
and a cost per visit of €8.70 during the period from
October 2018 to April 2019. My advice is to pay close attention
to measuring a campaign’s performance and to give full visibility
to the dealer network so they can assess negative
and positive results themselves.

[Think with Google] Case Study FCA
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