Well, let’s see how we can extract content contained in an application from the google play. First we go to the link at the top that says “Extract content”. In this part we will place the address of the playstore app We copy the address and paste it. To obtain according to the language that is available we place &hl=es to obtain the content in Spanish We click to extract data and wait a few seconds. We can there see the options when extracting data such as obtaining the APK of the file, the amount of images that it will take, creating the developer if it does not exist, creating the category and once finished sending it to draft or also publishing it. These options can be modified. And voila, the post was created. Here we can see the content, the category created The developer The icon of app The apk if it was found available the description update date, requirements images Video and we publish it. We can now see the post created with all the information.

Theme Appyn: Extrayendo contenido de una aplicación de Google Play
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