Hey man, what’s up?
Hey! What’s up? How are you doing? I’m just stuck with my CV, at the experience tab… I wish I gained much more experience during my curriculum. Okay, okay. I think I might have something for you because I recently signed up for a course on the student employability page on the university website. All the activities are designed to gain experience and you can also get personal support. Could you show me?
– Yeah! If you’re interested, I can show you. So, open your browser. Go to the Maastricht University website, where there’s a tab called “Support” In the left-hand column on this page, click on “During your studies”, and then “Boost your employability”. The student employability web page gives an overview of all the opportunities on offer at Maastricht University that can help you get a job. These activities are listed and categorised in an easy-to-read format. They’re organised by faculty and year of study. To help you navigate through all the information, we’ve divided the overview into three sections: The first category is about acquiring and developing employability skills. Here, you can sign up for a workshop, training or lecture that focuses on specific skills you may want to develop further. Of course, the web page offers more than just skills-related opportunities. Scroll down and you’ll find a section called “Gain Experience”. It lists a wide range of activities you can join. If it happens that you need more personalised support or help with individual development – Be it quick career advice, student counselling or psychological support, you can easily find links to these services in the third section of the web page. By choosing the activities that best suit your interests and abilities, you can boost your employability and enrich your overall student experience. Savour the moment and start investing in your future now! No matter whether you’re a bachelor’s student or master’s student, Maastricht University is there to help you strengthen your employability. So check out our Student Employability web page and learn more about the opportunities available for you. Remember the future is yours!

The Student Employability Webpage
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