Right now, more than any other time in history We are all connected. And as we continue to be woven together through communication and information technologies as a platform to build community. The cyber sciences are emerging as a catalyst for change and growth and Augusta University stands ready to take the lead. We have to be ready, not only to train the workforce that’s going to be employed with regards to the cyber tsunami that’s coming we also have to be actively involved as serving as magnet to bring business and industry into this community that’s going to be coming to support this growing area of cyber. We believe the training facility is going to be something that is not only unique in Georgia but unique in the United States. It opens up the whole world of educational opportunities and economic opportunities. And that’s why I say, cyber is the future of Georgia’s economy. The opportunity to work for the common good through cyber and the duty to defend against its abuse demands a new kind of workforce. Highly trained, highly skilled professionals creating immediate impact in health care, banking, intelligence, law enforcement and industry through the cyber sciences at Augusta University’s Cyber Institute and the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center. Making our community the world’s leader in this bold innovative industry. We believe we can do it because we are already on our way!

The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences

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