– Even Google knows that
America is not the same without Black Americans. – Praise God.
– Praise God. (upbeat music) – In this video, we’re gonna
watch Google’s iconic tribute to the Black American history. – Yeah, after watching this,
I’m sure you’ll understand why James Brown said, and I quote, – “Say it loud” – “I’m black and I’m proud”
– “Proud”. – Be sure to like and subscribe
to our YouTube channel. – Now, let’s watch this commercial brought to us by Alphabet Inc., – Founders of Uncle, Google.
– (Mumbles) Thank you, give me a high five, boy! Thank you. – Now let’s get into the commercial. (cheering) (drums) – Beyonce
– Are y’all ready? – I see that. (lively music) – But just like life. – Female poet – All right! – All right. (grunts) Ballerina! Gymnast! – [Commercial Voiceover]
Give it up for LeBron James! – Athlete, LeBron James. – LeBron James. – That was… nice moves. – Kendrick – Caitlyn (mumbles) – Lil Nas – Uh, can I get an amen?
– Can I get an Amen? – Amen – Welcome to the very first
national Oprah Winfrey Show! (plane roars by) – World War 2. – Most searched autobiography? – You saw Malcolm X? That was the (mumbles) cup. – Rosa Parks – They’ve got all of (mumbles) – Martin Luther King
– King – [King] I have a dream, today. (clapping) – Good job Google! – Good job! – (in unison) Osiiiiiiii! – Yooo – Yooo – Yooo – [Osi @osireign] What up siblings? – What’s up? Did you see the commercial that Google did? – [Osi @osireign] Yeah, I saw
the commercial that… Are you talking about
the Black History one? – Yeah. – [Osi @osireign] Yeah, bro! What,
you just watched it? – Yeah. – [Osi @osireign] Bro, that stuff is mad hype! – Hype – Hype – It’s lit – Lit – L-I-T – [Osi @osireign] Hey, I watched it, bro… – [Osi @osireign] Bro, I’m gonna be honest with you I didn’t know that many black people made history like that. – Yeah I don’t think any– – I mean we, so we got Rosa Parks, we got Martin Luther King, we got – LeBron – LeBron, we got– – [Osi @osireign] Yo, we got LeBron James! – Yeah. – Malcolm X. – [Osi @osireign] That man’s
gotta white name though. – Tuskegee Airmen – We got the Tuskegee Airmen. And then, we got the– – Beyonce! – And the female poet. – [Osi @osireign] Beyonce! Yo, I’m
laughing at Jay-Z though, because he wasn’t up there. – Oh yeah, he wasn’t up there. – Well, I mean because
Jay-Z, I mean, he’s– – What’s up with that, Google?! – Jay-Z, I mean, he’s good, but like… – Hey, wait, wait, where are you? Where are you? You could just come down. Why don’t you come down? – [Osi @osireign] I am on the way to my job. – Well, that sucks, but… – [Osi @osireign] Yeah, but how do
y’all feel about the trailer? – We feel good. – It’s good. – How do you feel about it, Mr. Obvious? – (chuckles) Mr. Obvi- – [Osi @osireign] Well, I felt like the
the trailer was just inspiring, bro. I feel like in a year, we’re gonna be a part of that trailer. – Yo! – Makes sense. – [Osi @osireign] Yea cause we’re black. We’re a black family. We black-owned. Reign Forever, Baby! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Osi @osireign] YES-SIR-SKIIIIII GRUNTS! – REIGN FOREVERRRRR! REIGN FOREVER. – [Osi @osireign] All right, y’all. I’ll have to catch up
with y’all later, though. – All right. – I love y’all. – I love you too. – Bye. – Uncle Google, you did your thing. – We give this commercial the – Reign Forever Stamp of Approval. – If you like this video,
please make sure you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. – And comment! Until next time, Bye-bye, now. Wait! – Make sure you click
on one of these videos somewhere on this screen. We need you guys to help our family grow. We need you guys to tell friends so we can get more subscribers, and when you guys subscribe,
you’re a part of the family. – Buh-bye! – Love ya! – Mwuh!

The Google Black History Commercial Makes us Proud | RICK & JAY REVIEW

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