Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of
Tech TopX. My name is Chris Brown and today we’re gonna be talking about the
Docker Data Center (DDC) along with the Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP).
Taken together, these tools allow you to manage your Docker Swarm in a Graphical
User Interface and they integrate very well with the Nutanix Docker volume
plugin that we talked about last time. This is easier to show than to draw out
or talk to. So let’s go take a look at the demo. Okay so for this demo, we’re
assuming that you already have followed our other Tech TopX where we installed
Docker and we installed the Nutanix Docker Volume Plugin (DVP). The next
step to installing the full Docker DDC is installing Docker UCP (Universal
Control Plane). You can find a link to this documentation in the
description below. So if I go back over here to my VMs and I pull up my Docker VM,
you can see here that I have created 6 Docker hosts that are part of my DDC, 3
masters and 3 workers. Let’s connect to one of the masters and see what it looks
like. So as you can see here, I’ve now connected to my UCP. I’m just going to
log in. I’ve done some basic configuration to set up authentication. So Docker UCP
as part of DDC gives you a quick overview of your entire environment and
lets you manage all of your docker hosts and containers from a single pane of
glass. But for this video what we’re most interested in is the Nutanix volumes. So what
I’m gonna do is go over to Resources and then down to Volumes. From this page, you
can create a new volume. Since I’ve already installed the Docker volume
plugin for Nutanix on all of these hosts, I can just simply hit Create Volume here
and name it what I want. I then need to specify the driver. Once
again I’ve got to specify Nutanix here, in order to use the Docker volume
plug-in. Then for options I’m going to do sizeMB=100GB this
time. So I hit Create. You see that the volume was successfully created. And we’ve got the volume here now. If we go and take a look back into Prism and go
into the Storage, Table, Volume Group, we now see the new UCP volume group. There’s
a lot of things you can do with UCP that we’re not gonna get into in this video
but it’s a really powerful tool for managing your Docker environment and
definitely would highly recommend it if you are using Docker containers in any
serious sense. As you can see, the UCP as part of Docker Data Center gives you a
really easy way to manage your entire environment. Combined with the Nutanix
volume plugin you’re able to provide that persistent storage up to containers and
manage them the same way you manage virtual machine workloads. Thanks for
watching Tech TopX. Have a great day!

Tech TopX: Nutanix Docker Volume Plugin with Docker Datacenter
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