Hi my name is Miruna I study Computer Science and this is a week in the life of me. We’re setting up for the Applicant Visit Day today in Computer Science Future applicants I think I’ll say apply early and think about what you want to do think about the degree that you want to do so this is for the EPS college Instagram account I think that one’s the best currently assembling my small but self-constructed ECG machine so that I can monitor my heart rate live for pleasure of the viewing public which is my plan this morning Please boot! Please boot! There we go, there’s Pi The School’s labs are a convenient working space for computer science students exclusively, the lab machines are equipped with all the software you’ll need throughout the course and they’re readily available 24 hours a day seven days a week. For each module you have at least two hours of lectures per week and each lecturer has their own style which keeps it interesting. So here in the School we host multiple computer related events this particular security hackathon was only 2 hours long but many others are organised throughout the year. I’m on my way to the maths lecture, I’m quite a bit late.

Student Vlog – Miruna – Computer Science
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  • November 4, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Why the MacBook air? SMH


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