Hello and today we’re you’re just going to be learning about my computer I’m just turning it on right now Oh For some reason when there’s a floppy disk inside the floppy drive Right here. It will not load and we’ll say non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready I’m not sure if any other Windows XP computer, does this every single one can do it? And I don’t know it but Another thing he has two hard drives again. I’m not sure if every single computer has this because if you come over here and look I Have another computer right here. It’s Windows XP doesn’t really work. It says it can’t boot to the hard drive but anyway Back to this computer Has two hard drives like that Now and then I just pressed enter Another thing is I Have a lot of broken keys My slash key is broken I think that’s my shift key I’m not sure when that is and then my first thing that fell off it’s P and it does disk checking I always cancel it though the start button and alt Another thing is I’ve vile action set up because I have I owe Sony Windows XP computer And another thing is I have a whole profile just for YouTube. Michael is for YouTube and I won’t tell you the password because it’s a Commuter administrator That’s why I have a password on it My laptop has a bunch of lights at the bottom, but tell you things Another thing is the battery doesn’t work very well. They only has like two minutes of charge on it Remember the videos I did on my pug Wednesday. There’s a picture of her and our yard when it was a mess And then over here down at the bottom it’s a while to load There’s a Start menu Another thing is I can’t get it to connect to the internet I’ve tried Ethernet. I’ve tried the wireless adapter I’ve tried everything Just won’t work. I Got to work once but then it because the battery doesn’t hold much of a charge just shut down Another thing is I have Adobe Photoshop Elements And it works very well It just has to load This one isn’t really about the computer. It’s about computer accessories But over here, I have a bunch of floppy disks Right here. They’re not the five and half inch just got a case for them Anyway, I’ll have a lot anymore. But I had like 50 of them and different colors I’m not really looking. I’m just looking on the camera and then here’s the weird one As you can see Photoshop Elements is running and another thing is a very low disk space I hardly have enough to analyze it like this Just dicking right to load Not really working very well right now It’s kind of slow and then here’s my system tools that’s the folder right there See very low on disk space This used to be my mom’s old computer, that’s why it’s Windows XP but Another thing is The Windows 7 computer that we had the graphics card went out, so it’s not working Otherwise, that would be doing other videos. I Don’t think there’s anything in this folder for some odd reason And then see Photoshop Elements is right here I can open any file I want Like I’ll doing me I’ll do like one of the other sample photos like blue hills I’ll Photoshop that like this. I’ll go with the eraser I’m like erase like whatever This is what Photoshop does You can like you erase anything you want Or you could draw anything you want on a photo? There’s also Photoshop Express that can get on your phone, I highly prefer it See Photoshop Elements, whatever you want One of my favorite his tools is this right here It’s kind of hard to read on camera it’s called eyedropper Then you just hover over whatever you want and then it’ll put that color right here and Then you can click the brush tool or any tool you want I don’t go like whatever color it is. See and That’s how your Photoshop something And then I will say save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document the C Drive blue hills jpg before closing Oscar click now because it was just a test and it looked horrible Another thing is I hate power panel because every time that my thing right here that’s very sensitive comes and plugged It always pops up with this. I Don’t necessarily hate it but it’s just kind of annoying sometimes Okay, that will wrap it up for this video I might do a part two to this I’m not sure because this one’s probably like the longest video I’ve ever done so That’s all for this video. Thanks for watching. Please leave a like and subscribe. Thank you

Some Things About My Computer
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