Hello friends Phil Robison here and people ask me this question about what is the main difference between being in a traditional business and an online marketing business and I think the way to answer that is just how you can use time you in effect can distort time. So I’m in finance that was my background for 18 years, and I’m also in property now I only make revenue or sales when I am speaking to someone, speaking directly to a customer or what we call belly-to-belly with a customer. The difference with internet or online marketing is you can produce an ad you can have that ad shown to a lot of people (ie) through YouTube or Facebook or other other mediums Bing is one that was what I was thinking of and you actually don’t have to be physically speaking to that person directly so in effect you can be making sales as I’ve said before while you sleep in different time zones so you are able to generate income when you are not in front of people belly to belly so to me that’s a distorting time and that is to me the most powerful thing I reckon about internet marketing online marketing where you launch an ad and when ad is successful and is presented to a lot of people well you’re increasing the probability of a positive outcome whereas for me the only way I can make more revenue or all of us really can make more revenue in traditional businesses is to see more people. Now the problem with that of course is we have a limited amount of time we’ve all got the same 24 hours so we can only do a certain number of appointments and that’s the key difference whereas we are really only limited by our imagination and our budget in terms of online marketing we can present that advertisement to many people all across the world so effectively your your audience is the whole world anywhere that there is an internet connection and your ad is being shown that’s the key difference and so when you persist with this sort of business online business and you get it right I’ve seen people make money very very quickly and that’s the beauty of it. It’s effectively buying back your time there’s a key difference between that and traditional business. Enjoy have a wonderful day and as always take care. Bye for now.

So what’s the difference between a Traditional Business vs an Online/Internet Marketing Business?
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