These are the teasers for Skeem Saam, coming
up in the month of March 2020. Please enjoy, and do not forget to subscribe. Thank you. Francois finds out that making amends with
all the people he wronged is not going to be a walk in the park. Leeto and Mokgadi’s presence is still causing
tension at the Maputla home. Whatever is troubling Clement is alienating
him from those who love him. A reconciliation happens to a couple that
has been at odds for a while. Turfloopers are emotional before they attend
a big event. Alfred is floored when a colleague of his
declines an offer of a lifetime. Mokgadi pulls the wool over Leeto’s eyes. Sifiso fights against Francois’s request. Koloi pushes Jonas to the brink of an asthma
attack. Mokgadi’s confession ends up in the wrong
hands. Francois decides to be a better man. Sthoko’s boss puts her in an uncomfortable
position. It seems that Lehasa and Vivian are worthy
adversaries. Mokgadi questions how much Leeto values their
marriage. Koloi raises the stakes in Noah’s quest
to woo Emma. John makes a devastating discovery regarding
Leeto and his wife. Lehasa’s freedom is under serious threat. Marothi, Rachel and Nakedi are in dreamland. Lehasa has to make a decision on how to deal
with the Vivian threat. Rachel realises that some people out there
don’t want to see her happy. Shadi threatens to derail Noah and Koloi’s
plans. Lehasa has what Phomolo praises as a perfect
plan to solve his problems. Shadi catches Noah in a compromising position
around a certain girl’s desk. Marothi flips when Rachel goes gallivanting
with a high school girl during school hours. Lelo resorts to something drastic in order
to save Lehasa. Celia overhears Charles and Alfios unpacking
some rumours about someone close to her. Mokgadi is surprised when Noah changes his
mind about something that affects his future. Phomolo and Lehasa are shocked by the extent
of Lelo’s craziness. Sthoko has a change of heart regarding a particular
gig. The Dating Club is excited about their future
prospects. Rachel realises that having a job and running
a household isn’t as easy as it seems. Lehasa makes a shocking discovery about his
“investigation”. Noah enthralls the entire class and one special
girl. Rachel’s medical career is threatened before
it even takes off. Noah is surprised when Turf’s renowned poet
questions him about an original piece. Fanie discovers some interesting info about
Lehasa’s investigators. Marothi is
shocked to hear of Rachel’s new work arrangement and tries to put his foot down. Lelo has a ridiculous demand for Lehasa regarding
the nut factory. Sthoko stands up for herself to a newfound
bully at work. Kat and Candice humiliate Lelo. Elizabeth unintentionally steps on Rachel’s
toes regarding her profession. Emma confuses Koloi and Noah. A frustrated stepmother makes demands on her
husband. Mamashela is pleasantly surprised by who she
thought was an enemy. Emma blows hot and cold, leaving Noah thoroughly
confused. The transition into becoming a working nurse
continues to be a struggle for Rachel. Lehasa has to go and face the music at the
revenue services and Lelo feels side-lined. Alfred’s plan for Sthoko falls flat and
Principal is on to him. Alfred is staggered by Celia’s latest unreasonable
demand. Rachel is overwhelmed by her domestic situation
and her curiosity is piqued by Marothi’s strange behaviour. Phomolo and Lehasa put their plan in motion. Principal throws a bomb to Alfred and Sthoko
regarding the school trip. Marothi fears losing Nakedi and it’s all
because of Rachel. Kobus gives Lelo a mammoth task regarding
the nut factory case. Marothi has a pleasant surprise for Rachel
in order to keep her off his trail. Alfred and Sthoko reach an amicable agreement
regarding the school trip. Phomolo reveals sordid details of his and
Lehasa’s diabolical plan for Lelo. Elias has an unpleasant surprise for Rachel
and Marothi. Noah puts his foot in it and is left perplexed
by Emma’s reaction. Kat and Candice are faced with disgruntled
staff members. Battle lines are drawn in the Maphuthuma household
over Nakedi. Principal witnesses a moment between two colleagues
that worries her. Phomolo sees an opportunity to get Lelo where
he wants her. Marothi’s hopes are shattered when a family
meeting that Rachel has planned goes horribly wrong. The squabble between Clement’s mother and
grandmother is worse than he thought. Lehasa’s plan to oust a greedy girlfriend
goes off without a hitch.

Skeem Saam March 2020 Teasers
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