Hey guys, Resonance Here Today I’ll be talking about an Underrated feature in reaper Which you can tell by the title of this video How to side chain almost any plugin Alright? Lets get right into it I have an example here with reasynth and an MMDrummer, its a drum machine like thing this is just a bass i am gonna listen Yeah, its just a bass and this is just a kick Now we are gonna use Manual side chaining to Side-chain the kick to the bass so lets do this So i am just gonna rename this to kick So how you do this Is to Create a send from the kick on to the 3rd and 4th channel Add whatever plugin that you want to hmm Yeah, i am gonna use this. i just added this I miss this plugin, actually i should use this more Anyway So we are gonna do This is just a bassline right now so we are going to attenuate The bass with the kick signal So how do you do that is just to move this This is the output ceiling Go to parameters and Parameter modulation and midi link Click on that and you’ll get this window Audio control Side-chain And Select the track 3-4 for the kick see this is the kick signal now Okay Now this controls well the output just set it to max and we need a negative thing so every time the kick hits this thing moves oh god. Now you just decrease the strength so you get around 3 Db of Reduction there you have it That works, you can do this with almost any like any plugin but a side note this method doesn’t work every time with like every plugin experiment and figure out which ones works and which one doesn’t and when side-chaining it is better to create a side-chain source just duplicate the track and move the thing just a bit further so like 20 ms and you can set to 20 ms on the attack and get a nice noiseless reduction or anything i will show you another example just delete that i am gonna add an EQ, where’s my EQ ohh yes the Q3 ah yes this is an EQ right? (lol) so lets ah, this is already side-chained i believe this thing does have a side-chain filter but we are not gonna use that i am just gonna alright you can actually see both kick and the wait what, why isn’t this working ah screw it anyway so what we are gonna do is the kick is around here so we are gonna do a notch Now the bass is barely there Because of the notch because it gets the same frequency right? so what we do is bypass oh $#it bypass it now we can right click on some plugins we can right click on the button and Side chain that we just need the bypass and modulation and now this controls the bypass see? this is bypassed, this is there’s inactive this is on this is bypass wait, there should be one more oh okay, there’s only two values alright, never mind so its on lets just bypass that and every time the kick comes in oh no 🙁 Now take your time when you are doing this easy to set up again, you need to like create hmmm duplicate track for the side-chain to work efficiently oh well There you have it That’s how you Side-chain manually to a single factor in any, i mean a a single parameter of any plugin Thanks for watching 🙂

Side-Chain Almost any plugin | Reaper
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