in today’s world secure video hosting and streaming is becoming an essential part of every website and many of you have spent hours
of hard work and create valuable content such as online courses how-to tutorials
corporate training videos or you’re in the business of streaming licensed video
content security is a crucial factor when choosing your video hosting service
it’s becoming extremely easy for almost any viewer regardless of their skill
level to download videos from your website by using widely available
software unless the videos are posted in a truly secured video hosting platform
in a few seconds I want us some major leading video hosting platforms to show
you how easy it is to download their videos prepare at streaming video
provider we are working hard to ensure that your videos are secured as possible
making it hard for anyone to simply download and steal your videos as a
market-leading online video platform we have been
offering RTP secure video streams for a while and now are delighted to introduce
the next level of video security we hold 128 bit AES HLS encryption which is
available for all your video files and live streams including Web TV channels
and artistic cameras there is a quick demo to show you how strong our new
encryption system is I have installed one of the most popular and strongest
video ripping applications available called IBM which stands for Internet
Download Manager let’s start by going to feel video platforms such as Vimeo and
here we just choose a random video as you can see above the video we now have
to download this video button from IBM if we click it it will give us the
option to download the video which we’re going to do now IDM has successfully
downloaded the video and we can now open and watch it locally the viewer can now
upload your videos to hundreds of free online video sites such as YouTube and
make it available for anyone to see for some low value videos this may not be a
problem but not for premium videos war the value of your video content matters
now let’s go over to Wistia and once again we will choose a normal video from
their site and click the download this video button let’s start the download
and open the video as you can see we’re able to again
reuse the downloaded video without issues now let’s go over to doc cast and
choose a random video from the web site then flick the download this video
button select a quality and start a download again we’re able to open and
playback the video without issues finally let’s now go over to the
streaming video provider website and choose a random video from our video
players page when we click play we get the usual download this video button
however this time as the videos encrypted the IDM software gives us an
error message preventing the download of the encrypted video even if someone
finds a way to download the video from the servers
and the video will remain fully encrypted and will not be able to be
played back locally rendering the downloaded file useless for even
stronger protection you can now combine our super secure encrypted delivery with
extra protection layer such as domain IP restrictions as well as password
protection and pay-per-view giving you the ultimate secure video hosting and streaming platform

Secure Video Streaming & Hosting To Make Your Content Un-downloadable | Secure Video Distribution

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