hey RPG fans welcome to my second video
in this video I’ll be talking how to create a RPG Maker MV plugin yeah
there are many results on YouTube but I found that there’s lack of you know
interests of youtubers into this topic so I decided to create a tutorial series
and this tutorial series will include beginner series intermediate and then
professional of course and from every Wednesday I’m going to continue this
tutorial series and Saturday is going to be some random sort of video so without
any further ado let’s get into it so first of all I’m going to create a
new project let’s name this plug-in project after creating the project just
wait a 50 years more and you’re done okay so at the beginner project I’m
gonna cover everything more precisely so first of all if if the plug-in manager
in that you include all those aweso me plugins so let’s get started
for instance I’m gonna tell you that I’m believing that you already know that how
to create a how did you know JavaScript for doing you’re not wasting time
explain that what’s the syntax of JavaScript and let’s get into it so
first of all let’s open in our project I’m going to use our de name bracket which
is actually something nice to do of it you know JavaScript so let’s pick our
JS folder and drag and drop it into this whatever it’s called and here okay
I don’t know if that’s yeah here’s our you know plugin thing
you can open any sort of gifs well if you just want to explore things
if you double-click they will be some fucking file and here let’s start
creating our own plugin so you’re gonna right-click new file name it let’s say
my plugin you got j/s after currying it just press return and your plugin is
ready so first of all let’s include some details for the plugin you create like a
comment like if you all know that coming it made like this but instead of making
a normal challenge will make abnormal work okay I’m not joking right now yeah
they’ll create many many starts and then end this so first of all what do you
need in your plugin is at plug-in this meaning the plug-in description you’re
right okay you write the description I’m ready
this is the description and then you’re gonna write in the utter your name
so I’ll write your name and then what I’m gonna need at the last for a basic
plug-in it’s act pill this if the help come on and you’re done creating your
first Claudia so now just go to the project go plugins and then name of the
plug-in which is right now my plugin in my plug-in you read this is the help
command auto your name this is the description cool now you might ask that
can you create great everything is gonna go on just run light
actually if you create very long and stuff this is long then I’ll be you know
automatically going in the next line but for suppose if you don’t want that and
just wanna go to the next slide okay and yet then what you’re gonna do is
create another stop after the help with the post and already the break line and
the prison Blakely so cool here’s our plugins break line
yeah so what I’m gonna do now is I mean you’re not gonna create a clear lug it
in match nothing actually happens so what we’ll do is put a function so
brackets function then what I’m gonna do is create another bracket then like that
oh yeah great something wrong yeah I did this should be this rocket like that whatever okay so who looks like myth Korean our
own function now the question is what are you gonna do with this function and
your stature what are you gonna do is overwrite any function you want yeah for
example I have to do anything an RPG object you might think that just go to
that jf well until it’s what you want to but in this RPG Maker MV but the dev
have came but if you’re not supposed to delete any function cuz suppose I just
deleted this and then I forgot that are deleted if there are many many errors
and you’re going into the community and all its trap so this is not anything
you’re gonna do it still you’re gonna overwrite the function overriding
as you know in j/s just means that here’s my function and then I’ll
overwrite the function and my Scott overwrite in programming okay now first
lets me show you an example so what I’m gonna come into some exhaust yeah RPG
windows not RPG shit open the RPG windows command F to find such as
absolutely same in any text editor and then you’re gonna right window under
scope options dot prototype dot okay its way the function was make command list
so first of all let’s see what the function does it calls two more function
which is this that add general options and add volume option
so the general option is that it will add the option to always –
do all and if you want to remember come on in the RM MV battle and in the advil
and option you have BGM valium is useful in any volume SC volume now for suppose
I don’t like this general option uh turn on the player to you know dad keep
dashing always after all what’s the ship Keith Mantha
I’ll go to my plugins I’ll go here I like it damp it around pressing tab to
make it this way and what I’m going to do is you know I could have deleted it
here but I don’t like that time going to comment this by double slash which you
might already have known in J’s s that I’ve come and comment so this is not
called by the function anymore so now let’s save it okay so what I just
notices hi there is something wrong which is that I should have done like
that I should make another open closed front see and here it’s gonna go like
that okay what’s that I didn’t make that right so make it like
okay that’s not for this program okay I’m going with a lot of errors
errors and errors so your function up and close front seat and then this
bracket thing and then close this and then one another and semicolon so now if
we go and command R or control our in whichever OS you are then powered by MV
yeah that’s it and here’s you have credit for plugin and they’re no more
any that silly function yeah snagging clothes and we’re done with our
first lugging tutorial dongle okay so if you don’t like the
video don’t forget to dislike add in the first piace points of improvements

RPG Maker MV plugin tutorial begginer part 1 | RPG Together
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    Sorry for those errors! 😅😅
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    Great tutorial!

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    The reason why there's little to no "interest" in this topic is because programmers make up 1% of the work force. Anyone who's interested in learning how to program won't be learning it from a video. They would learn it from a proper website like Codecademy.

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