These are the teasers for Rhythm City, coming
up in the month of February 2020. Please enjoy, and do not forget to subscribe. Thank you. Suffo and Khulekani prepare to storm David’s
fortress. Lerato has a trick up her sleeve. Pearl can do nothing to stop the prophecy. Khulekani’s army storms David’s lair high
above the city. Lerato is one step ahead of David’s master
plan. Pearl fails to save her father. Khulekani and Suffo both shoot David, but
is it enough to end him forever? Rene realises Mzi is still holding onto the
past. David’s death has Gail losing her grip. Suffo tries to keep the police at bay. Lerato gets back to business. Gail refuses to believe David is dead. Is Nandi drawn closer to Khulekani after his
part in David’s death? Sindiswa thinks she’s blown it with Lerato. Pearl takes action with Gail. Mzi and Rene get good news. Lerato lays down the law with Sindiswa. Sindiswa signs a contract with Lerato and
goes back on air with Shakes. A celebrity from YFM puts Sindiswa’s nose
out of joint. Tensions grow between Rene and Mzi. Nandi drops a bombshell. Pearl struggles to do right by David. Rene’s frustration with her situation grows. Blossom is burning a candle at both ends. Gail is in denial about David’s death while
Pearl goes through the emotions. Rene feels bad and apologises to Mzi. Sindiswa ditches her plans with Sabelo. Pearl is taking strain after David’s death. Rene loses her cool and offends Blossom. Sabelo is furious that Sindiswa stood him
up. Khulekani has an unlikely dinner guest. Rene isolates herself further. Sindiswa plots her revenge after Khutso takes
over her slot. Kop gives Rene a piece of his mind. Madikgetla gets closer to the truth as Khulekani
and Suffo bond. Khulekani has a deadly proposal. The wrath of the ancestors falls on Rene once
again. Sindiswa grows too big for her boots. Madikgetla is digging and Khule wants to bury
her in her own hole. Sindiswa struggles with the backlash from
her fans. Nandi and Khulekani make a shocking discovery. Rene makes a fateful decision. Khulekani has a plan for Madikgetla. Nandi and Khulekani draw closer together. Madikgetla is caught off guard. Rene holds onto a secret. Sindiswa wants to make a change. Madikgetla is suspicious after Suffo rescues
her. Rene pretends she is still pregnant. Sabelo is not impressed with Sindi’s new
attitude. A stand-off between Khulekani and Suffo. The truth is closing in on Rene. A new woman comes into Sabelo’s life. Madikgetla gets in deeper with Suffo. Fats becomes part of Rene’s secret. Sabelo looks at himself in a new light.

Rhythm City February 2020 Teasers
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    Here is the episode for Wednesday 05 Feb 2020:

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    Episode For Wednesday 05 Feb 2020:

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    Please bring back my Genaro


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