hello everyone with Andrew we’re in
the Dulan reserve, our second night quieter than yesterday, because there were
still a lot, but it’s okay is well equipped with our hammocks and then
an additional tarp where we can cook when the weather is bad, so that
come on, we saw two family of gibbons this morning and then a female orangutan
with her little one which is great, it’s that we could observe it without them
realize our presence therefore this female she was with her baby
and then the pictures are not good both gibbons and orangutans because I had a lot of fogging on the camera because of the rain, it’s a little hellish but there have been times enough
exceptional where she was like that lying on
back, and then her child was at above her, upside down, and they both had fun it was just exceptional moments,
again just memories because the pictures are not
good, but it’s good to get in the privacy of these animals, and
because here we can observe them without disturbing them and that motivates
even more to try to save them so tomorrow morning
the goal is to go back there, and is to find the female with the
young because near it there are necessarily “Mister Kotak” this great
male I have already met since we are on its territory, and this
morning we heard him push his big “Uuuuuu” so here tomorrow morning very early
we are going to meet them and Andrew drying clothes and you will notice that it has a
towel … candy pink So the night was long
it rained all night in fact, there you hear the vocalizations, it’s a
langur rubiconda, i already have some talked about in a previous video
the follivorous monkey and that’s it
red, an endemic species of borneo we have a large group we are getting ready to go I’m getting ready to go see the orangutans so it’s a little two pieces well
comfortable there is my bedroom, the Andrew’s room, and then the kitchen
there is Andrew who takes his breakfast, then a whole kitchen
equipped … perfect … sleep well? / Yeah I’m still talking to you about “Mister Kotak” from so “mister” because “sir”, but “Kotak” because this means “square” in Indonesian, because it makes square nests, and as proof here is one … the characteristic of large males is that they make their nests not very high, since they no longer fear anything … They no longer have a predator … he is there with a woman
and a small one, but it’s super impressive and the news is that it’s not Mr Kotak, not the same hair, and not the same face, so it’s not him …
maybe in fact all the big male make square nests … The advantage of following orangutans
like that in the forest and go from time to observe them
it is to better understand the population that we must protect in the
reserve, especially the land where i am here i can’t
show exactly where we are on the map because unfortunately is still
outside the protected area it can work against me
in the negotiation there will be speculation people will
say oh Chanee absolutely wants to buy these lands because there are orangutans inside so it’s problematic but good news is that this is another male, it’s not Mister Kotak and it’s not even the male that we were able to
observe on the camera-trap … so a priori there are more males
dominant, than what I had imagined … I imagine 3 to 4 max while we must be more than 5 so this is great news because
that each dominant male has his females subscribe to this channel and don’t forget
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RENCONTRE AVEC L’ORANG-OUTAN “BON JOVI” [Amazing encounter with “Bon Jovi” the orangutan]
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