I need to know about the best resources for
PHP programming for beginners. W3schools dot com has an excellent free tutorial
on PHP. It covers everything from the very basics of the language to handling forms to
PHP with MySQL. That sounds like a good start to finish course.
The only thing it lacks is the ability to run practice code. It even has a Show PHP tool so you can see
code and the end results and quizzes to help drill in the knowledge. What are some other resources for beginners
with PHP? KillerPHP dot com has PHP tutorials for web
designers. I’d consider it good for web developers, but not for those wanting to use
it for other applications. A lot of web developers would tell you that
web applications are the only applications that matter. You could do tutorialspoint dot com and their
free PHP lessons. They cover everything from the beginning of the language to cookies to
predefined variables and sending emails. Also known as, learn all the stuff the users
wish you did not know. A lot of people are glad you know about the
PHP code and WordPress modules to manage their blogs. I checked the Drupal dot org site, but their
lessons on PHP basics are not kept up to date. TutorialsPoint is different in that it lets
you run sample code as well to test what it does. Or try Code Academy’s lessons on PHP,
and you’ll learn at least the beginning stuff in an afternoon. That sounds like a good place to start. If you want to go to the source, go to PHP
dot net and read the manuals there. PHP has decent user manuals online. If reading about the programming language
was enough to get the basics down, I’d have learned Java by now staring at their error
messages. It may not be a good idea for a true beginner,
but it is the best resource for reusing PHP code from repositories made with the old version
of PHP and the instructions on how to install what you need to run PHP. Getting set up for PHP is definitely something
I need. Once you’ve learned the basics, try HackingWithPHP
dot com. They certainly get points for a memorable
website name. You could try the website HowToStartProgramming
dot com and refer to their PHP section. It is truly a beginner resource, down to what
PHP was intended to do and how to edit it in Notepad and install XAMPP. I still have not met hello world in PHP yet.

PHP Programming for Beginners

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