[ Silence ]>>Okay. Now that we
have all logged in, we should all see some version
of this screen, theoretically. So what you’re seeing here
is a preview, essentially, of the page that
you just came into. Now the page that you
had on the live site and the page you’re looking at in OU Campus may
be slightly different. If somebody had made
some modifications to it, you’re going to see
those modifications, if they haven’t yet
been published. But, otherwise, what
you’re going to see are these edit buttons. Most likely, you’re seeing
two above a left column and a center column
and then you have, on the side, your side nav. You have a top nav on the
top, and all that good stuff. What we want to do is
we want to actually go into the WYSIWYG Editor. So we’re going to click
on the edit button. I’m going to click on
the one above the middle because that’s the place
I want to [Inaudible] it. When I click on the edit button, it takes me into
the WYSIWYG Editor. The big thing I want to point
out here is if you notice in the background, there’s
this grayed out image. That is just an image. All that’s doing is giving you
a contextual representation of what the content that
you’re modifying here in the middle will
look like on the page. So this is not what
I saw on the side. On the side column, I was seeing
Italian — or Italian — Latin. They both have tin in them. So I was seeing Latin
here on the side. So it’s really just an image. It’s not based on necessarily
the page that you’re on. So the top content
and what you see on the side may look
a little different. [ Silence ]

OU Campus: Edit a Web Page
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