Hello, it’s Jason Miller here for Nebu.
In this tutorial I want to show you the Slide Carousel plugin, how it looks and how easy
it is to set up. If you watched the previous video, you are already familiar with the Thermo
Scale plugin and you know what a plugin is, but let me clarify again for those who missed
it. A plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to a software application.
In other words: plugins allow you to make a questionnaire more appealing. Slide Carousel
plugin works with the following question types: Single grid, Multiple grid and X-Points scale.
Open the Design screen of Dub Quest and create a Single grid, Multiple grid or X-Points scale
question. First let me maximize the screen. You can see that my questions scripted in
already. This is how a Single Grid question looks in the ‘Standard’ Display mode.
To apply this dHTML plugin, click on the ‘Display’ tab and choose ‘dHTML’ instead of ‘Standard’.
Then choose ‘Slide Carousel’ from the Library. That’s it, we’re all set! Here
you can see what this form looks like in preview. It looks more attractive now, right? And it
was only a few clicks! Watch more videos about plugins and create other engaging designs.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. I’m Jason Miller for Nebu.
Thanks for watching and see you soon.

Nebu How-To – dHTML plugin: Slide Carousel
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