hello guys and welcome to a studio vlog
so as you can tell from the title of this one I’m going to show you how I
created my squarespace Squarespace website I’m going to show
you what it looks like behind the scenes and how easy it is to use I absolutely
love it I’ve had websites hosted by many different companies before and
Squarespace is my all-time favorite will say this is not an ad a girl can dream
I just really love Squarespace so yeah I get a lot of questions about how I use
it and what I use so I thought today is the day so if you haven’t seen it I will
show you the website from kind of your perspective you’ve ended up in my main
channel setup position but I’ll screen record and I’ll show you it so we can
kind of walk through it together so this is the website that you guys see so on
the top it has my logo and all the menus that I need and then this kind of banner
thing that flicks between different things ignore the little Pinterest
sign that comes up here that is just an add-on on my browser that’s not
always on the website and then if I scroll down I have a few Procreate
tutorials so I have like the most recent three shown on there and then I have the
same for illustrator and the same for Photoshop I’ve not actually done any tutorials for
a while so if you let me know what kind of ones you’d like to see I will get on
it ASAP and then at the bottom I have a little sign up thing so you actually if
you sign up you get access to a what I like to call the creator tool kit so
it’s a password protected page that only people who sign up can get on to and on
there are different like assets and files and stuff and things that can kind
of help your creative career and they’re all free to download and only members
get to get to them so yeah if you sign up with your name email address I only
email you twice at the beginning to give you the password and then I email once a
month with the newsletter so not much at all and then at the bottom obviously
just the basic copyright thing more pages my logo again and then my
social media so yeah this is the website on it’s basically level and then
obviously there’s different pages so I have an about page all
about me at the top it’s got the Instagram banner and stuff and portfolio
which I’m going to work on to expand I want to be able to click on every photo
and when you click on it I want that to bring up a page to explain what the
photo is and why I did that work and then tutorials which I guess is the page
most people are the most interested in so it has a choice to go just to the
singles or a summary of all of them and then creator toolkit which is the
password protected page so I’m not going to show you that it’s logging me in
obviously because I am the creator but I don’t want you guys to see that so if
you want to see that please do sign up to my to my newsletter and then finally
shop which just redirects you to my soul and fire shop page I did used to have my
shop connected to Squarespace but I chose to separate it because I wanted
Alice Thorpe and Soul & Fire to be two separate things so that’s why that
redirects to a different website now alright enough babbling let’s show you
the behind-the-scenes of Squarespace when I click on the admin part of my
website this is what I see so I see a smaller preview of my website it’s being
kind of squished this way it is basically that and then when I hover
over the different elements edit buttons come up and I can click on different
things to edit them effectively it’s drag and drop which is just a godsend so
if I press edit on this page so this is the home page and you’ll see it expands
and the different elements are all in these little grey kind of boxes and
they’re all named and they’ve got their own their own job to do so I can drag
them rearrange them I can put them on either end
change the size you know like this is just a spacer so it literally is just
creating space for me and again with this I can drag it I can move it around
so if I wanted to put this I underneath the title I can super super easy and
then if I want to edit the I think they call them modules maybe to edit the
modules if you just click Edit above it it brings up the Edit for that
particular module so in here three images all which I’ve kind of
sized to fit how I want them and then you can obviously upload
more and then the design you’re able to decide whether you want it is a carousel
which it will preview for me so carousels kind of change themselves like
slide across or a grid like that or stacked where they’re all kind of in a
row but obviously for the purpose I needed it for I wanted it for the top of
my page I wanted it as a slideshow at the top I don’t want it to show
thumbnails so get rid of that and five seconds between and there’s a whole
different bunch of settings in here and then just press apply when you’re happy
and it’ll do it another box is the summary box so in here I have programmed
it to summarize things from my blog so these individual tutorials are all blog
posts so effectively it’s just showing me thumbnails of the blog posts so I’ve
clicked blog I’ve just re clicked its added the thing on it you can change the
widths you can change everything basically about it you can change how
they’re displayed and you can also get rid of things you don’t want and because
I just wanted to show procreate things I’ve got a filter in it that says just
procreate tutorials if I got rid of this you can see that it’s showing more than
just procreate tutorials it’s showing other things too so by adding that in
it’s only showing procreate and I’ve applied the same thing to the other ones
so this one is just showing illustrator tutorials with that tag and the same
with the Photoshop so that’s super super simple if I want to add another module
that’s not already in here I click this little if I might navigate to the edge
of one of the boxes it comes up with with these weird little
circular label things I click the label these are the image blocks that I can
choose from oh they call them content blocks make sense there’s the basic ones
then image ones which are the ones I use the most
I think gallery ones so it’s a gallery one that I’m using at the top
now this one that you can see up here is the slideshow one summary and then
you can add a calendar you can add a map where your company is based you can have
so many things you can add code so if you’ve got a specific link thing that
you want to add that requires like code in you can add that in their products
donations there’s literally so many Instagram all that kind of jazz so I
just love that there’s so much to choose from so that’s the basic drag-and-drop
feature if I go into pages you’ll see sort of there’s a name for this I’m
gonna put the name on screen I learned it at uni I can’t think of it right now
you’ll see that on the screen and it has the layout of the different page so
you’ll see that under main navigation it’s got all the different things and
that is what is up here on top in the navigation and again it’s drag and drop
so if I decide I wanted portfolio before home I could just drag it and it’s
changed it up here straightaway and same to change it back and if I don’t
want that in there instead of deleting it I can just drag it out of the thing
altogether put it in here and then it’s not in the
banner itself but it’s still there if I need it again then there’s one for
secondary navigation so that’s all the stuff down here at the bottom I have
adjusted this slightly in the pages so I can edit the footer separately so it
kind of just depends on how you want to do it and then these pages at the bottom
are all pages that aren’t linked so they’re not publicly shown on the
website but somehow people might need to navigate to them so I have like all of
my images off this website pinned on my Pinterest board so when someone clicks
on a tutorial by my Pinterest board I want them to go to a specific page so
this is where these pages came in so for example I offer a free media kit so if
you don’t know a media kit is something that kind of influencer blogger people
use to put their prices on it’s basically like a price list so when
people click on my Pinterest page I want them to come to this it gives them a
summary of what they are signing up for with an image that they clicked on
initially and then at the bottom it signs them up
to my creator toolkit which I won’t show you still gotta sign up guys and
then you click that and it’s done and I customized them to all the different
ones so I’ve got many different signup pages I have the coming soon page that I
initially put on this website when I very first built it I’ve got links so I
use this to link all my different things on my Instagram account so if you look
at the bio on my Instagram account you’ll see that the URL is Alicethorpe.co.uk/links and that is this page this is what comes up when people
click on that and then finally the blog which I would argue is the most
important thing so in here are all the different blog posts it kind of shows
you a summary but I never really look at my blog post like this I don’t really
like how it looks it just has big photos at the top the title and a little
snippet but I think that’s kind of hard to navigate especially when you’re on a
phone so I’ve done it a different way but down here on the left you can see
all the different blog posts I’ve done and then if you click on them it will
preview them for you and if it wants to load there we go
and it kind of again is drag and drop it’s the same principle as the web pages
so if I click Edit I can change the sizes of the spaces I can change this
photos if I click on it press edit get rid of that photo and upload new one and
like I’ve inserted a text field here changed it to a title inserted a video a
YouTube video here that’s such a handy feature and again the sign up so it is the same
principle the whole way through another thing I love I mean I love it anyway I’m
doing a whole video on Squarespace obviously I love it right so out of the
pages let’s go onto something else I realized whilst editing I didn’t
actually show you this tab so this is the design tab so in here i can change
my logo on the page I can choose my template so Squarespace have a bunch of
pre-loaded templates that you can use or you can obviously purchase your own and
adjust them as you like and then site styles so I can change this little icon
up here and I can change a bunch of things in
there to be honest lockscreen checkout page more
behind the scenes stuff basically and you can choose whether to have the
Squarespace badge on the bottom as well that does depend on the plan you’re
on but mine I don’t have the badge so yeah in here is just some more settings
we have commerce so like I mentioned I did have a shop on here so this is where
this this part comes in so if you pay for the plan that comes with the shop
you’ll be able to click on this and see everything but in summary it shows
you your orders how much stock you’ve got the customers that you’ve had
discounts and obviously all the setup options underneath then we have
marketing I’m toying with the idea of using the email campaign system let me
know if anyone watching this uses it on here I’ve never really tried it I
already had a different system so I’ve just never transferred it over but they
have their own email system which is great one less thing to pay for then
they sort out your SEO and then you can add pop-ups so I have a little pop-up
that encourages people to sign up to get to the creator tool kit and you can
also have an announcement bar so a little brightly colored bar at the top
of the page to maybe promote something new that you do or tell people about
free shipping anything like that and then also you can share your products
and create sponsored content for yourself on Facebook Instagram Pinterest
etc analytics kind of speaks for itself it shows you the views and the sales and
stuff on your website obviously I don’t use the shop anymore so it’s got no
sales on it you can see where people are coming from when they view your site you
can see how many people are viewing your site how they found your website so I
find it really interesting to see that a lot of my website traffic comes from
Pinterest alongside a bunch of other different things that you can keep track
of your most popular content I find that super interesting from that I can see
which posts are doing the best and how to replicate that again in the future
then we have the comments section which I don’t actually use I have the comments
turned off for this website mainly because I don’t want to have to moderate
something else I already moderate my YouTube comments
my Instagram comments like that so I don’t have it
turned on but if you want comments to be able to be added to the bottom your blog
post this is where they would all show up so you don’t have to go through each
blog post individually which I can imagine is such a time-saver
then there’s basic settings so here you obviously change the visibility you can
change your business information so your address your email address what social
accounts are shown and change the domain name obviously I don’t use a Squarespace
domain I use alicethorpe.co.uk and then obviously the billing and all
the other behind-the-scenes stuff I’m not really gonna talk about but you can
see what’s on here if you are wondering by the way I use the business plan and I
pay it yearly so I pay one lump sum per year because it works out cheaper they
do monthly plans too and they start from ten pounds a month I believe so it’s a
no-brainer so affordable and yeah that is the basics of my website I absolutely
love it it’s just so simple I’ve set it up and I don’t really have to think
about it too often I’ve never had anything go wrong with it all the forms
and stuff so when people sign up to my newsletter all that has always worked
fine the blog posts have been great I’ve never had any feedback saying that
anything that’s glitched out or isn’t working right so I’m just all in all
really happy with it I would 100% recommend Squarespace I guess that’s it
for this video I’ve literally just sat and bored you all to death talking
through my website I’ve had so many questions about it and I’ve just never
really addressed them so hopefully this video has answered some of your
questions if I have missed something do let me know down in the comments ask me
any questions you want and I will get to them and answer them for sure thanks so
much for watching if you aren’t already subscribed to my newsletter please do
that would be great and I’ll see you soon for another video bye

MY SQUARESPACE WEBSITE *Walk-through & Review* | Studio Vlog

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    Awesome video Alice ❤️❤️

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    This is very interesting! having a website is something i definitely consider if my youtube page ever pick up

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