My Kindle Fire connects to wifi but not the
internet! Reset the wi-fi router and reset the Kindle. That’s like half of all tech support advice
anyone could give me. Reboot all the hardware and hope something works. Check the signal strength meter, and if that’s
nearly zero or X, that’ why you don’t have internet access. Then how can it connect to wi-fi? Because it can connect to your home network
but no farther. I could test that by checking the internet
connection on something else in the house. Or go somewhere with free internet to see
if it is the Kindle. Should I try de-registering and re-registering
the Kindle? Don’t de-register the Kindle. The last time
you want to try to register it is when you’re having problems logging in. When is the registration the issue? When you can access the general internet but
the Kindle won’t let you access your Amazon downloaded content. This is way broader than not getting to see
the Amazon Prime stuff I’m eligible for. Then tell it to forget your network, delete
the network settings you have and recreate it. What else could it be? The internet could be blocked by parental
settings. It is my Kindle fire. You can still go to menu, settings, go to
the next page, see the parental controls, and make sure it doesn’t think you’re not
eligible to do so. I know it requires you to use a password to
access the parental controls. You can turn off that requirement on the parental
controls screen, though I think you have to enter the password to do it. Resetting to
factory settings is an option. That’s one of the last options. But if I have
to do it, I don’t know how. Go to menu, settings, tap, select to reset
to factory defaults, then confirm the choice. That doesn’t help me if it is an OS issue. Version 6.1 had connection problems fixed
by updating to version 6.2. It is hard to update the software on the Kindle
if it can’t connect to the internet. Every device has the ability to copy the patches
via a USB port because its last update messed up the wi-fi or broader internet connection. I’d hate to think if the Amazon Kindle Fire
can’t connect to the internet because the router did that. The solution for that is rebooting the internet,
though you may have to check the time settings. I know gaming consoles can have problems with
internet or content access if the date is off. If your router resets and thinks it is last
year, the server giving you internet access may say nope, not doing it. That’s another case of testing internet access
with another device to see if it is my wi-fi or my ISP, versus the Kindle. Or you need to delete all wi-fi connections
in the Kindle and reconnect again, including the local network password, in case it is
the Kindle’s settings or you forgetting that you reset the password the last time you forgot

My Kindle Fire Connects to WiFi But Not the Internet!
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2 thoughts on “My Kindle Fire Connects to WiFi But Not the Internet!

  • May 1, 2016 at 7:22 am

    my kindles year is still in 2013, the month is july, and the day is 29, please help.

  • April 28, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    Doesn't help


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