So today I have a video that was the time that recording that I actually did About I would say little over a year ago when I built this computer Now I don’t have the end of the video on time lapse where I actually had to add in a couple of other parts that I was waiting on they’re supposed to been shipped and I had to wait maybe a few more days to get those but anyways And this video will be a time-lapse of me building my computer and showing you all the different hardware and everything to put into it and Wallis time lapsing there may be some music playing and I’m gonna go over some of the things in the video of Why I got the parts that I did when I built this computer and again, I bought this computer over a year ago so I will show you within what my computer current looks like with the hardware in it and I actually did end up getting a new Cooler for my CPU I upgraded from the Wraith Prizm cooler, which was an air cooled to a Water cooling for it because of what the Wraith prison was very loud It was so loud at the point to where and just having my computer on idle Or even putting it to sleep The computer was so loud that I would be in another room and I could not sleep So I changed that out of grade it to a water cooling and now it’s really fine So let’s go ahead and get in the video and take a look at this Hello everyone, I’m gonna take my computer part and putting together the new computer that I’m building all of my parts finally came in I got the last piece of The whole puzzle which was the RAM Someone take this apart take the all the cores off of it and then we’re going to get started on a new computer bill So these are the computer parts I bought I’ll tell you a little bit about them first and why I bought them and the reason I’m building it the way that I am for video editing and I have here the RAM which is a Total of 32 gigabytes of RAM. I’m Upgrading this from 16 Before I add four sticks of four gigabytes for a total of 16 gigabytes but now I have two sticks that are sixteen gigabytes for a total of 32 and From a solid-state drive. I have this 500 gigabytes This is the m dot 2 solid-state drive and this here is the Rison processor the Rison seven 2700 X overclocked Edition I Bought this one on sale slightly, but not that much off because at the time the processor I just came out and there wasn’t really much of any deals as far as getting it for a cheaper price and That’s what usually happens when by things that just come out and There’s a process as you can see to the plastic and now this here is a graphics card Which is the RX 590? This one has 8 gigabytes of RAM and It’s gonna be good for video editing because of the extra memory that it has And this here is the motherboard it’s a very big upgrade from the one I had before I Switched over from using the Intel to now I’m using AMD processors These processors do run slightly warmer, but they’re not much of a difference. They’re much better for video editing rousing gaming So let’s go ahead and get this build started Thanks for stopping by and watching and hope you enjoy that Let me know if you got any questions in the comments below this video. And until then I will see you in the next video Have a good day and have a Happy Thanksgiving

My Custom Computer Build For Video Editing (timelapse)

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