(beeping) – I’m somewhat of a
self-proclaimed Instant Pot master, but I had no idea until last week that an Instant Pot community existed, and I’ve gotta give this thing a try. First and foremost,
you have to be invited. Since I have been invited,
I can get onto my Facebook and join the group. Let’s explore, shall we? There are almost two and
a half million members in the Instant Pot Community. I guess with two and
a half million members there will be a lot of posts, but there’s a post like every minute. Any suggestion on recipes
to try for newbies? Maybe I could attach my
Instant Pot Sunday Sauce. I have a lot of recipes I can share, so I think I might offer
a lot to this site. People have covers for their Instant Pot. It’s like a crocheted cover where you can put your spoons in it. – [Camera man] What? – You’re gonna leave it. – [Camera Man] No. – If you’re gonna leave it
on your counter, make it. – [Camera Man] No. – Somebody’s sanitizing their kid toys. – [Camera Man] In the Instant Pot? – In the Instant Pot. 333 comments, 105 shares. That’s what I’m talking about. This is mainly a forum
for just like people wanting some friendly support, what can I make? What can I cook? Do you have any good ideas? But it’s a lot so far of the same thing. The Instant Pot cheesecake is like, have I ever done that? I’m probably gonna have
to cook a cheesecake. Okay this cheesecake takes 40 minutes, then an additional 20, then 20 more, then an hour and a half. Then I have to refrigerate
it for 12 hours. Help me understand why you
want to make cheesecake in the Instant Pot versus in the oven? I can’t figure this out. You know this might be an opportunity for me to offer some good advice, but I don’t wanna come
across like a know it all. What are the most ridiculous or failed recipes that you have made in the Instant Pot? I am going to try to fix them. Place any hacks or tips
for the Instant Pot that you have that will blow my mind. Okay your post has to get approved. Okay so we will see how long
it takes to get approval on a post. Oh wait people commented on my post. Please send me any hacks or
tips that will blow my mind. Pressure lease is natural release, where you let the pot cool for a specific time
before opening the valve. That’s not a hack. She did take a lot of
time to write these those. They didn’t like the post
about disastrous things. They obviously didn’t approve that post. – [Camera Man] Censorship! – These people already seem like experts and they are just proud to be here. And all the food really
looks like the same. There’s a lot of yogurt. A lot of cheesecake. And a lot of stewed meat and pasta. Okay so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try out a popular cheesecake
recipe in the Instant Pot because clearly the most popular recipes in this community are
Instant Pot cheesecakes. And then I’m going to
also make one in the oven. And we’ll see which turns out better and cooks more efficiently. Maybe I’ll be surprised. Now I have to find the
best cheesecake recipe. Cheesecake number 17 seems to our thing. Instant Pot New York cheesecake number 17. That’s what I’m gonna make. Okay I have gathered all the essentials and gotten a head start. The only difference I’m going to make for this recipe is the cooking method. One in the Instant Pot and one in the oven in a water bath. So I did ask why you people in the Instant Pot community
are obsessed with cheesecake, and here are the answers. One girl says Google the first place YouTube cheesecake winner, which also happens to be
identical to cheesecake number 17. So we’re right on track. We did select the best recipe. Another person says they
like to do it in there so they don’t have to heat
up their small apartment with the oven. Other than that I haven’t
really been convinced still. But this recipe only takes 28 minutes in the Instant Pot. So that is about half the time of a normal cheesecake. But at what cost? We will find out. 10 graham crackers crushed up. We got 10 in here. Butter. Salt Brown sugar. And that’s it. Stir it up. For the Instant Pot version, you have to line it with parchment paper. I’m glad I read that. This looks like a lot of crust to me. It says you can blind bake it
325 for 15 minutes, or freeze, but the winner says he just freezes it, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna spray the oven. Cheesecake is probably my favorite desert, in case you were wondering. I don’t know if I should
just freeze this one too. Guess so. Let’s check in with my community, see if they responded to my post. Okay, nothing exciting going on in the community right now. Let’s make the filling. Okay we highly recommend
using a hand mixer so that you don’t get
too much air up in there. Add this mixture of sugar and, oh I think I was supposed
to add half of that. Whatever. Add sour cream and vanilla. Mm, I could just eat this with a spoon. Cream cheese and sour
cream mixed together, those are like my two favorite condiments. It’s almost time. I think I’m gonna get the
one in the oven first. Because I’m cooking this in a water bath you have to put some foil on the bottom for extra insurance that
it doesn’t leak out. Okay in goes the batter. Ooh I could just lick this spoon. This is the part that I think makes people worry about making this in the oven versus the Instant Pot, but it’s not that hard, especially if you’re
using a seven-inch pan ’cause you can just set it right inside of a 9 x 13. I’m gonna just pour some
hot water around it. This is gonna enable the
cheesecake to cook more evenly. And it really helps if you
can get the water in the pan. And that’s it. I’m pretty sure my foil
coverage is terrible. Now for the Instant Pot. Every time I just see this batter I just wanna eat it. Okay let me get our favorite friend. This is old faithful. He’s my original. I really want this to work. Place the steamer rack in, bring the water to a boil first, then place the cheesecake in, then cover it. It’s on venting, I’m
putting it to sealing. All right high pressure for 28 minutes. And we’re off to the races. The Instant Pot cheesecake is done before the oven one. So that’s no big surprise. I just wanna make sure that
savings of time is worth it. It just naturally released. (beeping) There is a puddle on top. It is cracked. I’m not gonna judge on cracks because you can always put
a little topping on it. Absorb any condensation on the surface by tapping it with a soft paper towel. It doesn’t look great. So he’s just gonna hang out and cool. He’s gonna chill out. So you’re looking at 40 to
about 55 start to finish. We’ll just put the time savings
at 15 minutes, maybe 20. So those are going to finish
and cool to room temperature, and we will assess the
situation in about an hour. If we were gonna judge a book by its cover we have a clear winner. This one in the oven looks beautiful. We also don’t know until
we get the final product. So we’re gonna let this chill overnight so that we can do a real
thorough taste test, but we do wanna uncover it. There is some water in
the bottom of this pan. Looks pretty though. Nice and even and condensed. Hopefully there’s no water in this guy. Lot of water. Told you I did not do a good
job with my foil coverage. Dang. Nothing to see here. Also looks pretty. Crust on the Instant Pot version looks better than my traditional version. So there, one point for the Instant Pot. Based on appearance, I still stick with my original thought of just make the cheesecake in the oven. For the savings of 20 minutes or so I would rather serve this to my guests than this puffy, squishy
looking cheesecake. But we will let this chill overnight and give our final results tomorrow. I’m going to post this
picture of both cheesecakes into the community. I’m asking which one looks better? Okay, let’s cut into the oven. Exhibit A. Pretty good looking. Not quite as pretty. I do conclude, however,
that I like the crust from the Instant Pot, but that could have just
been the way I prepped it in the pan, I’m not sure. These should taste the same, but I guess I have to
taste two cheesecakes. Tough job. Love the flavor. The filling is kind of soft. Definitely it’s not mushy. It’s very creamy. They taste the same to me, so there you go. I thought it was gonna
be mushier and too wet, but it’s not. It’s a great recipe. Overall my experience with
the Instant Pot community is pretty much what I expected. It’s really about the same
information you can get if you just Google these questions. I would love to see more expert tips or hacks or tricks. I would also like to see a greater variety of recipes on here. You get a lot of notifications once you submit because people
are posting all the time. For that reason I will probably
turn my notifications off because that will get on my nerves. But a pro to that is there’s
always somebody listening and available to answer. I understand that posts
need to get approval, but I feel like that
is a little misleading in the fact that the site is just wanting it to be perfect. I think it’s important
to show the mess ups so that we can try to fix them. At the end of the day, I’m going to save my cheesecakes for the conventional method and my Instant Pot for the pot roast. If you’re a member of
the Instant Pot community and you have any tips on how I can better benefit from this site, please leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, don’t forget
to follow me on Instagram, and follow well done food and my recipes on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. So my post said one’s made in the oven, one’s made in the Instant Pot, which one looks better? 579 comments later, this Instant Pot community has an opinion. Let me point out some of the best comments. Both look good. Several people said it
doesn’t really matter once you put a topping on it. See I did mine in the Instant Pot and it has a really flat top. Some people said obviously the one on the left looks better. Now you know it doesn’t. Okay now this girl just
scrolled through 444 comments and she still doesn’t know which one was made in the oven and which one in the Instant Pot. The one on the left looks
like an old lady face, you can sell it on Ebay for $1,000. I’m still trying to figure out why y’all are obsessed with
cheesecakes in the Instant Pot.

Mom Reviews the Best Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe on the Internet | Mom Vs Cheesecake #17

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