hello and welcome to Mods in testing
list FS19 new mods today in the mod hub update and we have an update for the
mods in testing list so let’s go through the list and see what’s going on so
going back to yesterday and failures for PC are the agua map by Ania the fleming
bell lifts up at the orange oo RM to four hundred seasons geo Nord funding
Liga and Shropshire the snowblower ESKO welcome to char well and the Welton
PR B now going on for console we had no failures so everything else was
carried over or released today and going in for new today is the bail storage
pack is back in and the old farm countryside for PC then for console we
have new in is the JCB 435 the Kramer KL 30 is back and the
crammed it the krampe bandit is also back Lemkin sikon is a new one in and
PGR sliwno and the pottinger synchro 2600 and the Vaschieri Pack number of mods are waiting to be tested is 132 and the average
waiting time is seven days so it’s just dropped down a little bit somewhat about
the mod hub let’s go and have a look at the Mod hub update now we have quite a
lot of mods in today and it starts off with Ellerbach the MF Serie 3000 new
holland 180 55 portable shelf then the cows barn ,trailed lifter, placeable
liquid fertiliser, french sheds then the animal feed mixers fermenting silo t800
the log set 10F GT the bin grain silo extension and then we
have an update for the lizard RS 1400 the optional fertilization the machine
haul the fillable fuel tank which had a problem where we couldn’t
fill it up totally that’s been fixed and the case IH steiger series as a an
update so thats your lot for the mod hub update and quite a few FS19
new mods in there today and that’s your lot for mods in testing list FS19 I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you did always appreciate
you smash that like button for me and if you are new to this channel why not go
and check out my hundreds of farming simulator videos thanks for watching and
I will see you next time

Mods in Testing list fs19 Mod hub Update New Mods fs19 #fs19modsreview

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  • November 27, 2019 at 4:53 am

    Hi great video thanks.. What's the mood at 0:35 (I love using old school mods).. Thanks


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