(techno music) – What’s up, team NBL. It’s musicbylukas. – And laurenzray, DJ
filmmaker, DJ producer. But today, again we have
a very special guest. This guy’s really awesome,
I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Spin
Records BASE plugin, but he was a part of that. – Yep, One of the designers. – He’s actually even more
than that, like he’s also creating movie trailer
like music for huge movies. – [Lauren] In Hollywood. – Transformers and, – Alien, – Alien. Getting your PhD – He’s gonna be a Doctor of Music soon. – He’s gonna be like the doctor of EDM. So, I don’t know if there
is anyone better to talk to about all of this kind of stuff. When it comes to how to make a plugin, we can make a ton of videos with you. – Honestly. – Would be great. – So let’s talk about like
how did you get into that, or want to do that, or what
was like kind of the process? – It actually started with
the, where I started, I started the University of the Arts in Utrecht. So I did music and technology and I had some two good friends, they were Jim and Ray
from Sick Individuals – [Lukas] Oh cool. – And they are also from
the University of the Arts. So we were friends there. It’s not cool that you
have your own pluggin. – Where you can like, embed
your own ideas and gather audio stuff in the technically ideas and stuff in one product. And they’re like, yeah,
that’s a good idea. So let’s do it, all right,
and that’s like, oh, oh, we can how do we do it? – Yeah, – So this is a really, yeah, – It’s someone that you went to go like, watch a YouTube tutorials
to figure out or was it something that you just
like, write a book on like, now you’re at this point where
you want to figure it out? So how did you what was the
like the basics of figuring – The basics will like what are the basic elements of a plugin? – Yeah. – So it’s like you have
the back ground like a back end, which is programmed
in c++ or something like this, and you have the foreground with this the graphic user interface. – The thing you see. – Like what you see. – Yeah. So this was like, okay,
I need someone who is good and the one thing in the
background and the other one so the foreground yeah and
then put them together. – Yes. – And so so in this case, you have like this two partners and then
you have the DJ or company with this ideas and then you are actually managing this triangle – So it’s a team. – That’s a really team effort
Yeah, it’s a lot of work to produce actually such plugin because – Yeah. – You also have to ensure
that it works on Windows or Mac or logic or Fruity Loops,
Ableton, Cubase blah blah everything has to be set all
the testing and debugging – Where do you come in with
all of that like what is your contribution into creating the plugin. – I’m kind of product owner as – Yeah. – Because I’m, we, you
have to talk to all this departments with a kind
of overlapping knowledge. – Yeah. – So the you have to communicate
to the marketing department and have to link this knowledge
also to the programmer and to the graphic user so everyone
is working on one product with different knowledge so you have to you have to get together all this knowledge into to
make sure that everyone is working on the same – So you basically know a little bit or a lot about every single thing
so you’re kind of the one just to make sure everybody’s
like doing it right and that because if you didn’t know
everything you just trust that they knew what they were doing
kind of like our jack of all trades you know everything. – Someone’s out there watching
that wants really badly some some day or whatever
to create their own plugin or to go into the career of like sound designer or whatever, can you
give any like first steps or first tips that you would
give them to point them in the right direction of where
to go what to do first? – I think a good first
step is creating your own sounds in a synthesizer – Yeah. So starting with Sylenth
or Syndrome sound creation. – Yeah, and just make
your own sounds and learn how what are the basics of
synthesis program what the what are the basics and it’s like
like step one, how is the synthesis working Yeah,
it was really important. – When you were first
learning sound design what was the first things like did
you was there any like big mistakes that you made or like
big things you did right that you’re like you would give us a tip? – I think you have kind of
two approaches one projects you’re taking one existing preset. – Yeah. – And then you’re tweaking this around – Right. – Most of time have a
good starting point what you also can do is starting
from scratch like initially like the initial version. – Yeah. – Nothing and then you’re just starting with what are the wave tables
in this so right now the basic, Cygnus awaits and trying and saw – What did they do? – Yeah, what they do. Yes, so and get that kind of
overview what difference into small are there. – So yeah, start with
tweaking presets, move to creating your own presets for
like an init preset, and then you can move on from there as well. – Yeah. – What’s the part of
your job that you love to do the most like when it
happens during the day, You’re like, I love my job.
Like, what’s the moment? – It sounds weird, but
I thing when it is done. – Yeah. (laughs) – Process to when it’s
like, if it’s music. – Yeah. – Or the product. – Yeah, like music, you want to have it, when it’s done, how it sounds like, – Yeah,yeah. – And sometimes the process to
the to the actual end product can be sometimes so hard. – So let it then following
question is, how do you know when something’s done? – That’s, that’s, that’s
always a really tough question. – It’s a tough one, right! Because actually, when it
can be actually the product sometimes can never be done right. outweighs the particular a new
iteration, new improvement. – Yeah, you just have to kind
of know when it’s at a point, right? Yeah. Yeah. – So deadlines, I’m working
a lot with deadlines, and – And that helps you? – That helps. – Yeah. (laughs) – So make some decisions,
and yeah, there’s no perfect Actually, – Yeah. – There are so many, there’s no, this one direction you have to choose.
You have so many directions. So many sound so many options,
actually, because also when I’m when I’m making music,
and for me, it’s like when I’m like stuck in the process,
sometimes I did not even hear it anymore. I don’t know if it’s good or – Because you’ve heard it so many times. – Too many times and then I take a break. And in the first one, I’m
starting to make music at day one. And then I’m going outside
and takes like a half an hour. And then I’m like I’m like refresh. – Refresh, yeah, and
then my ears are back. And then but when I’m
like in day two, takes way more time for me to refresh. – So each time you refresh. It takes longer to refresh
than the last time, that’s a good, interesting
point, so don’t take too long. Because you’d be taking two weeks off. – I think it’s this
important to get to to, to proceed and to have a
good time scheduled also. – Yeah.
– In your work, and to learn, when you’re most productive. I know a lot of people
they are planning their production processes or
something in the night. – Yes, yeah. But in the beginning of
my study, I also did this I thought like, let’s try it differently. Let’s start around nine am. – Yes, make it more like business. – Yeah. – And for me, it works really well. – For me as well. – Me too. – Yeah, i like to produce it
night or to work at night. Because that’s when you feel like all sometimes you feel very excited,
or whatever the inspiration comes, but then most of time,
those are the ones where the next day you’re like. – Did you ever want to like
perform on stage and DJ or anything like that? – No, It was not my ambition, no, – You don’t wanna be (laughs) – When someone say do we
want to do it for a week or two, I like to try it, yeah,
for sure, would say yes. of course, just to feel it, – We go on to her, DJ,
you gotta get on stage. – Oh, nice. – Yeah, why not.
– That should be really cool. – I just want you jumping
on top of the DJ booth. Yeah, yeah. – If your dream is to,
like, be a performer. But along the way, you learn
that there’s an aspect of it music or anything that you
really like, sometimes there’s a career for that and most time,
like he’s saying, there’s like all different parts of
it, so if that really doesn’t end up being your like,
true goal or true dream. So why it’s like, yeah, you
still get to do music, really – Loving what you’re doing, like, – Yeah. – We never knew you were going
to start a big EDM website or that we were gonna be
living around the world in a different place. – Yeah. – We didn’t know, I always
thought when I first started music, that it was just a
very traditional approach, get signed by a label, do
it to a, like, you know, the classic kind of moves
with so many things kind of as you grow as a in the industry. So many other opportunities
present themselves, so many other exciting things. – And yeah, sometimes ends up being something that you actually
love even more than you thought, because you didn’t know it
existed, you just know that you see the people in front of
the stage with their arms up. And that’s what you want to
do, and be, but sometimes ends up that really in reality,
that’s not what you want to be. But that’s just only the career you knew. – And also, sometimes you can do both. Or you can do more thing
you can do there’s, there’s so many options. – I think Dennis is a great example. – Yeah, Dennis. – Okay, so I think everybody
watching right now wants to see you do some
things on your computer. Because we’re talking
to big game about you, we were talking that you’re really big and professional so. I think
we need to turn around and like check out maybe some of the
base plugin that you created a spin and it’s like,
Okay, guys, let’s do it. – So what you see you
now is the, the graphic user interface. – Yeah. – So we asked company to to design for us. So what they are then delivering
is the sliders what you can see here, ground, so – Colors yeah. And in the background, you
have all the processing so you have the synthesis
model, which makes the kicks. and the bass sounds, yeah. And then when you click here if all the guys who make all
the the presets for us, – Right. So you have sound designers,
you have coders and you have the designers for the actual front. – Yes, and also in the future
we will add new sound so that so we need new
sound designers to create more sounds of it. – So you’re gonna there’s
potentially even more opportunity for people that
know how to sound design to come in and do it. I know you’ve showed me the
what do you call it like the sound design version? – Yeah, the sound design version. – It looks a lot so different. – Yeah, the expert like the the base is a compressed version where you have access to the sounds, that
are designed in the background – Yeah, but behind the base
there’s a huge processing slide like wave table, frequency
modulation and synthesis, you have compressor,
you have an equalizer, everything’s in the background
what you can not see. – Experts mode. – It’s the expert mode,
– Yes it’s like flying a plane all these buttons, – Yeah and these are
like we give this access to the users that they
can exit really fast. – All right, you guys and that
is it Dennis thanks so much, for coming by – I’m sure everybody learned much. – Make sure you guys go I don’t know – We put some links for Dennis, make sure you check them out. – Yeah. – And tell us if you want more videos. You want more stuff about
trailer music if you want more stuffs how to make plugins. – Any follow up questions, comment below. – Cool. – All right, bye, bye, bye.


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