all righty guys in this video I’m going
to show you how you can make some money you can’t listen to my voice how can you
make any money doing this what I’m going to
show you I’m just kidding with you guys in this video I’m going to show you how
you can make pretty good money by listening with your ears and then typing
what you hear alright so stick around we’re going to
get you started on that here get ready get set go all righty guys welcome back to the
video as I said I’m gonna show you a video today here where you can make some
pretty good money working from home online for free just by listening and
then typing out what you hear alrighty well first of all let’s get this formal
stuff out of the way my name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin – Lenore comm and if
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your first time here what we do is how to videos anything to do with making
money online videos to bring time and financial freedom into your life and
also affiliate marketing videos and once in a while we throw a motivational video
in there too as well okay alrighty guys well let’s go ahead and get started in
on this one here today like I said gotta see how you can make some pretty good
money doing a job right from home working with this company right here you
see it there it’s called scrummy or scribing however you want to pronounce
it and this site you can transcribe audio files so in other words whatever
you’re listening to you transcribe that into type to text the exact words that
you hear and then you get paid to do this okay now what you’re seeing here is
this is for companies other companies that want to come here and get this done
through this company of transcribing here and you can see that this is some
of the rates that they have and they can upload their files here and they can
upload or import files and pay by audio time and
can download the transcript of what was typed by people like you and me that
have that are working for this company doing the typing after we listen to
what’s being said right all right and then it’s confidential they tell
them it’s 99% accuracy using an online editor and there are options for
different types of audio time coding and so on and so forth as you see right
there okay all right so but what we’re interested in here is you can see some
of this different things that they offer for different companies that want to
come here but what we’re interested in is how we can make money right all right
so if you scroll down through here you can see all this some of their customers
testimonies here and things like that about it and then some of the companies
that use this site here Toronto library in for health law piana and Deloitte I’m
pronouncing that right Deloitte and now here’s where it comes in for us right
here right here you see where it says join scribe II as a transcriber you see
this right here this site is right up here in the address bar I’ll show you it
says scribe you see that up there in the address bar right so you come
over here scroll down to where it says become a transcriber or join as a
transcriber click on that apply Now button and then it brings us over here
where you can get a little bit of an overview here we’ll go through this this
stuff right here and you get an idea on some of the things that this required
and so on so forth and how much you can make now it’s a home based job you can
work at your convenience there’s no schedule there’s no contract basically
you’re an independent contractor with them you work when you want if you want
how long you want and so on and so forth right okay so and then it’s five to $25
/ audio our pay rate in US dollars now let me say right here guys I don’t know
I’m not sure whether this can be done worldwide with this site I haven’t seen
anywhere where it can but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t either
basically what they want is they want you to have a good command of the
English language so if you’re for example if you’re in India and you have
a good command of the English language you could probably do this okay you can
also call they have a number right up here you see right up here at the top
right here where my mouse is you can call that number and then talk with care
customer service and find out if you can apply from another country or not in so
on and so forth and see what they say to you about that you know the old saying
is is you have not because you ask not right that’s the way it is you never
know unless you ask right okay all right well anyways any have short files which
are 10 minutes or less audio files to our T 80 for each file I’m not sure what
that is transcribed at time or something I’m not quite sure what that means they
got free automated transcripts to save around 60% of your typing effort alright
so they can there’s some how they have an automated transcript that apparently
will help you it sounds like it’s a tool or something that will help you to be
able to do this work okay and they have they you can get promoted with this
company here if you look here you can get promoted to reviewer a self reviewer
proof reader and a quality control based in your quality control based on
performance person as well which is makes more money as you move up in those
promotion levels there you’ll obviously make more money in this okay there is a
monthly bonus here five dollars for every three hours completed I would
think that if you was to sit down for eight hours a day and
treat this like it was a real job to yourself that you could far out make
past that three dollars three hours if I know you could probably make you know
fifteen dollars bonus every day doing that okay I would imagine you’re going
to get more than three hours a day in if you’re doing eight hours right so then
anyways there’s no obligations and a monthly commitments or withdrawal limits
and says we don’t assign audiophiles here if you guys can see that about
maybe I should zoom this in a little bit yeah we don’t assign audiophiles
you get to preview and choose the files that you want to work on all right and
then we go through the introduction here ascribing offers a great opportunity to
augment your income by transcribing audio files for us the work involves
listening to the audio files and typing it as accurately accurately as possible
now you just need to go through a test process and get certified as a
transcriber so you’ll just go through a little test with them and then if they
think that you’re basically thanks but what I think they’re looking for is if
you’re accurate with your spelling that type of thing
then once certified you’ll be paid for the files that you transcribe on an
audio our basis for each submission your scribe accom account will be credited
with the appropriate dollar amount and your earnings will accumulate and you
can transfer it to your PayPal account anytime from PayPal the funds can be
transferred to your bank account as we go down here a little further you will
find out that they absolutely require that you have a PayPal account and it
needs to be not only if you have a PayPal account but it needs to be
connected to your bank account or your credit card or debit card it’s okay
you’ll see here in just a moment we’ll get to that and then says if you’re an
experienced transcriber and have spare time then scribe accom can help you fill
that up if you are starting your career as a transcriptionist and you can gain
valuable experience and hone your skills right here and scribble or scribe e
however you want to pronounce it and dot-com all righty guys and then says we
have transcribed more than three million nine hundred and three thousand four
hundred 42.56 man that’s a bunch minutes of audio since 2008 and have paid around
1 million nine hundred and one thousand three hundred and ninety eight dollars
and forty three sips – they’re certified transcribers so you’d think it pays
pretty well if you look right here it says and get up here you can see this it
says around twenty eight thousand six hundred and six seventy six home-based
freelancers so when do you think about it guys 28,000 people transcribing on
this but for this company describing it’s not very many compared to the
billions of people on the internet and dare I say hundreds of thousands I
suppose were probably even more of companies on the internet that can use
this service so basically it this looks pretty wide open still for you if you
want to get on here and do this particular transcribing type of work all
right so some of the requirements here it says
requirements is good comprehension of English like I was mentioning earlier
right ability to interpret conversations and the ability to apply context and
identify mistakes you need at a all of verified PayPal account it says here
linked to a bank account or credit card or debit card like I was talking about
earlier you need a laptop or desktop computer with course with an
right and in a headphone or a headset and which is basically one of these
right here you can see that that’s just a basic Logitech headset with a
microphone on there and you can get those pretty cheap at Walley world or
anywhere online probably Amazon pretty cheap and then you need the latest
version of Firefox Chrome or Safari web browser if you’re using Macintosh
computer so this works both on a Windows machine and a Macintosh machine as well
now additionally the core skill we look for is the ability to correct manual or
automated transcription other were describing will not be a good fit for
you if you’re looking for typing only jobs so this is not just a typing only
type work here you’re going to actually be typing everything that you hear in
the audio right to the exact words that’s what they’re looking for
okay so anyways it talks about a verified PayPal account down here won’t
need to go through that they sent payments to PayPal and they require a
verified account to be eligible to work on this site or work with this company
and it’s it is a necessary requirement and cannot be relaxed in other words
they they don’t they don’t take any excuses you have to have a verified
PayPal account and it’s easy enough you can sign up they have a link right here
to sign up to PayPal just go to and your address bar of your
browser and then you can easy enough to sign up there and get verified and the
way you get verified with PayPal is to connect your bank account or your credit
or debit card to your account that verifies with PayPal all right then
we’ll get down here and talk a little bit about transcription process here
it’s file splitting raw transcription review proofreading and a none quality
check again so these are some of the different things that you
get involved in these upper levels we were talking about the promotion’s
earlier okay and you can make more money as you become a reviewer or a
proofreader or a quality checker okay and then it talks a little bit about
down here the different levels and what that means file splitting is the first
step the audio file is split at six minute intervals
Rob transcription in this step the audio for each part file is played back and
transcribed as accurately and cleanly as possible then the incomprehensible parts
are marked with blanks and so on and so forth now there’s the payments down here
talks about we pay five to $25 per hour audio hour and we’ve paid by audio hour
not the actual time spent working on it the payment for a six minute file
therefore can vary from 50 cents to two dollars alright and then it says the
earnings are credited to your scribing com account once your submission is
reviewed and accumulates there it can be withdrawn to your PayPal account at any
time and you have to submit a request for that and there’s no minimum
withdrawal limit on this and the funds will be sent to your PayPal account
within one business day so 24 hours basically and there are no application
fees or other charges and it talks about the bonus here we pay a monthly bonus of
$5 for every 3 hours completed each month all ok so that’s per month not day
I mentioned day earlier so it’s per month so then maybe it will take you
when you consider a six minute a six minute file it will take you more of
those to do which you can do it I suppose if you even still if you worked
at this at eight hours a day for five days a week and you treat it like a
regular job then you could you could wrap this up pretty quick and then also
here’s something pretty cool they have an affiliate program as you see here so
you can increase your earnings even further by referring other transcribe
ease and transcribers to us and we pay a 5% affiliate Commission to you for each
transcript or replaced by a referred customer
so that that’s pretty cool they got a little affiliate program here with you
with this too and then talks about automated transcript their certification
process it talks about here you’ve got to apply first confirm your email wait
for the invite create your accounts submit your test file and then you get
certified and it talks a little bit about that and then down here you can
see the potential earnings right here see if I can scroll in on that a little
bit for you guys they put the amount that you can earn from scribing comm so
it depends on your skill and ability for an average case if you spend eight hours
each day six days a week on scribing then the following will be your earnings
so assignment type only transcription potential earning is about two to three
hundred dollars per month it’s not too bad transmitted transcription and
reviews 300 if you move up to the review category to get involved with that
that’s a promotion for you as you see here and you’re making three to five
hundred transcription and reviews and proofreading 500 to 700 a month
transcription reviews proofreading and quality control checks you can make up
to $1,000 per month working just for this company alone and treat it as a
full-time job and there you go you’ve got a pretty good pretty good
income there alright guys well that’s pretty much what I wanted to show you
today and if you want to get started on that you just come down here and click
on apply and it takes you over here and of course the beginning process was to
login with your PayPal account in start right there alrighty guys well that’s
what I had for today i want to show you how you can make some pretty good money
with this company called scrubbing or scribing hell I don’t know what to call
it but if you get the point anyways alright guys well hey don’t forget to
reach down there and subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to click the
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and 15 days or less with all the help that you get in this and be able to make
your first sale alrighty guys alright I’m gonna let you go with that guys and
I’ll see you again here on the next exciting video you guys take care and
have an awesome day now

Make Money Online From Home Transcribing Jobs

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