A very good tay to you all in fron of your screens and welcome back to a new errrm, video this time it’s time for a build video! in collaboration with MSI and in this video we’ll be building the computer from scratch and the computer is calm… called Jimm’s MSI Gaming White Tiger aaaand here we have the components, the bits and pieces that will be used in the build firstly, we have the chassis, it’s the MSI Vampiric 010 computer chassi and inside, we’re gonna put all these parts we also have gummy bears to fuel the build for the processor, errrrm we have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x and we’re gonna stick 16GB of RAM in the computer from Kingston [translator’s note: it’s HyperX] and some more gummy bears a 500GB SSD from Kingston and yet some more gummy bears Raijintek Leto PRO Black CPU air cooler Corsair 750 whatchamawatt [struggling] 750W RM750X PSU! …and furthermore… whoops! some MSI parts, we have MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi and, well, X570 designates the chipset it’s an AM4 socket so we can mount the Ryzen on it aaand the wifi part makes it obvious that it has on-board wifi and lots of other useful features that I’m not gonna read out loud, so if you like you can press pause and read the box [gesturing] [zooming] yes, good. and, moving on Graphics are delivered by the MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2070 Super GPU it really is an impressive…. impressive oh, crud! graphics card for the machine and now it is about time for me to stop blabbering and let Joni…. Joni, get over here! [gesturing] like so! Joni is going to get started and I’m gonna get out of the way so you can fully appreciate someone much more skilled than I am buh-bye! Keijo, it’s finished! and now, for the final touch let’s do this properly [softly] look look look ….like we have time for that! [scoffs] errrrrmmmm soooo as mentioned, it’s finished this build and let’s hook it up and test it out so that we can see just how well this baby performs! NVIDIA GFE optimized settings were used for testing / resolution 1080p so that is the true nature of this computer the Jimm’s MSI Gaming White Tiger [dramatic voice] well this computer can be found on the Jimm’s website and there you can check the full specs (link in description) If you are interested in ordering and we’re going to en…. end this video right here and see you guys next time, buh-bye!

Jimm’s x MSI White Tiger – computer build – tietokoneen rakentaminen ENGSUB
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