Hi guys, this is my Internet Speech!
Today I’m going to represent a part of Miss Alanna Shaikh’s speech, she is a global health expert and the speech is about the current status of 2019 Coronavirus
outbreak. So let’s get started. We can’t stop the outbreaks with quarantine or
travel restrictions. That’s everybody’s first impulse: Let’s stop people from
moving, let’s stop this outbreak from happening. But the fact is it’s really
hard to get a good quarantine in place. It’s really hard to set up travel
restrictions. Even the countries that have made serious investments in public
health, like the US and South Korea, can get that kind of restriction in place
fast enough to actually stop an outbreak instantly. There’re logistical reasons
for that and there’re medical reasons. If you look at COVID-19, right now, it seems
like it could have a period where you’re infected and show no symptoms that’s as
long as 24 days. So people are walking around with this virus showing no signs.
They’re not gonna get quarantined. Nobody knows they need quarantining. There are
also some real costs to quarantine and to travel restrictions. Human are social
animals, and they resist when you try to hold them into place and you try to
separate them. We saw in the Ebola outbreak that as soon as you put a
quarantine in place, people start trying to evade it. Individual patients, if they
know there’s a strict quarantine protocol, may not go for health care,
because they’re afraid of the medical system, or they can’t afford care, and
they don’t want to be separated from their family and friends. Politicians,
government officials, when they know they’re going to get quarantined, if they
talk about the outbreaks and cases, may conceal real information for fear of
triggering a quarantine protocol. And, of course, these kinds of evasions and
dishonesty are exactly what makes it so difficult to track a disease outbreak. So that’s my speech, thank you for watching!

[internet speech] Đinh Như Ngọc fr. 1A-19
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  • March 26, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Love your voice❤️, cute and sweet. Good intonation too


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