How to increase mobile data speeds on android phones As you can see right now my phone is connected to 4G network Currently Mobile Data is enabled and WiFi is disabled First step is to install a speed test utility called FAST F A S T FAST app is available on Google Play Store The reason to use this speed test app is to know to measure if making these changes will increase or decrease your speed Using the app you would be able to know what is the download speed , how much is the latency and upload speed as well So currently with my network My download speed is 2.6 mbps Latency is at 30 ms Loaded latency is 787 ms And upload test is still not finished. Let’s see how much speed we finally get So my upload speed is 3.4 mbps And this test was performed while connected to 4g network First step is I recommend you to install app On your android phone Open the app after installation Enable the option so that it says connected After it’s connected go in settings Make sure that you have selected the first option ( There is another option WARP+ In that option it says it will optimize internet paths But i recommend you to go without it. Just select the first option. If the first setting makes no difference then you can try using WARP+if it makes any difference For most of the cases, you will have a better experience with the first option Once you have made the changes in settings Go back and Make sure that it’s still connected Now let’s move on the next step Open up the settings app on your phone Under settings select SIM cards and mobile networks After that go in SIM Card Settings Look for option Preferred Network Type This option is mentioned under Mobile Network Select Preferred Network Type You will see three options Options – Prefer LTE, Prefer 3G, 2G Only In some phones it might mention 4G instead of LTE And instead of 3G it might mention HSDPA as well Right now phone is connected to 4G network Here i suggest you Try going with ‘Prefer 3G’ as network type on your phone Once you select 3G, It will mention H/H+/3G After making changes in settings, Let’s see how much download speed we get Opening speed test app As you guys see Download speed has gone up! Right now it is around 10 mbps! Impressive! 11 mbps! And it’s connected to 3G network! Finished at 12 mbps! Latency is 41ms Loaded latency 1.1s Upload speed is right now at 18 mbps Let’s wait for speed test to complete And See how much is upload speed we end up with If you see at the top, its connected to H+ (3G) Mobile Data enabled and WiFi is disabled Upload speed finished at 11 mbps!! As seen -! After changing settings our download/upload speeds increased massively! I recommend you to do speed test after each step That way you will know which step/setting actually works for you Because the changes would not work for everyone And the reason for that is The idea here is The speed increased by changing to 3G network because Usually the number of users on 3G are less in your area If there are lots of 3G users then you can experience lower speeds If there are lots of 4G users in your area and very less 3G users then you will have better internet speeds with the setting change. The app can increase internet speeds as it provides faster dns queries. You can try without the app as well And as i mentioned You can try going in settings and test WARP+ as well When I ran speed test with WARP+ enabled I did not experience improvement in speeds which is why I am not recommending you guys but you can always try 🙂 Comment if you run into any issues! Thank you for watching this video And I hope you guys find it useful bye

Internet Ki Speed Kaise Badhaye (Jio/Airtel/Vodafone) – How To Increase Mobile Data Speed In Hindi

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