Hi, I’m Tahni and welcome back to my classroom.
Today, we’re going to go over some common Internet slang.
I’ve listed it in black, the different acronyms, and then in blue, their meanings.
The first one is “tl:dr”. You may have seen this in certain blog posts
or different youtube videos even. It means “too long didn’t read.”
What that refers to is, there was too much information.
The information was really detailed, so it was too long and you couldn’t finish reading
it. so it didn’t hold your attention So there is a summarized version called “tl:dr”
It might be a video. It might just be a paragraph.
But it’s a summarized version of information that was too long and you just didn’t want
to read it. The next one is “smh” which means “shaking
my head” People use this to describe their disapproval
of someone’s actions. Maybe you’re texting your friends, or writing
a message to your friends on the Internet, and at the end you can write “smh” to show
your disapproval in them. It’s often used in like, a mocking way.
“Oh you had ice cream for dinner?? smh…” I disapprove.
Alright, the next one we have is “tbh” Which means, “to be honest.”
You’ll see this a lot when people are just trying to show their frank opinion.
“To be honest, I think that you should have called me before you met our friends.”
Or something like that. It’s when they’re just being honest with you.
Ok, the next one we have is “wbu” This doesn’t actually make the acronym for
“what about you” But in slang English (conversation English)
when we’re just talking, we say, “What about you ? It sounds more like “wbu” because we like to shorten things in English.
So for the shortened form of “you” we write “u”
And then for the shortened form of “about” we’ll write “bout”
“wbu” turns into “what about you” So for example you can say this to your friends.
When your friend asks, “What are you doing this weekend?”
You can say, “Oh, I’m going to a concert. what about you?”
“wbu” next one is “bae”
This one is kind of a newish term. Now it means, “before anyone else”
But originally people say that it meant a word to describe your significant other or
your best friend. But people these days have kind of transformed
the meaning to stand for “before anyone else” So you can still use this term to refer to
your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or someone like that, someone that you really
care about. Ok, but it’s also sometimes used in kind of
like a joking way between close friends or loved ones.
Ok, let’s go over here to our next five. We have here, “hmu” “hit me up”
Ok, often this one is used between close friends as well.
“hit me up” literally means just “send me a message later” or “call me later”
Something like that. “Hit me up.” “Hit me up or contact me later.” something
like that. Ok, so whenever you’re ending a conversation
with someone, whether it be on the computer, like chatting, messaging, you can say, “See
ya, hmu(hit me up) later” (hmu) Ok, for this one, “nsfw” this means, “not
safe for work” So, I think I see this the most in social
networks, where your friends or someone will send you, maybe a link to something, but it’s
something that you should not open during work. “not safe for work” You don’t want your superiors or your coworkers
to see you looking at the content of whatever they sent you during work hours.
The next one we have is a classic. “rofl” “rolling on the floor laughing”
I think this has been around since the days of AIM.
But I just thought I would include it because it is a classic and it’s still widely used.
“rolling on the floor laughing” Similarly we would use, what? lol or something
like that. This one, this one is more of a term thats
evolved recently OTP which means, “one true pairing” And I’ll have to explain this.
“one true pairing” is used a lot when you have one fictional character that you would
like to see with another fictional character and they would make the perfect couple. A
“one true pairing” Ok, we see this a lot on blogs, for example,
on tumblr. People say, “oh my otp is…..”
I would really like to see a character from this show fall in love with a character from
this show and they would create the perfect couple. That is “otp”
And finally, “yolo” “you only live once” I have to include it YOLO
I think it was like the term of the year last year So if you don’t know what “yolo” is, get on urban dictionary.
People use this for describing any situation, in which, they can only do once, or they want
to do at least once in their life. At least once in their life.
“you only life once” So, let’s take a trip. “You only live once, so let’s do something
amazing.” Ok, well, thank you for learning internet
slang with me, Tahni. Be sure and like and subscribe and visit our
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