How to Update Adobe CS5 plugins: Today, we’re going to
learn how to update those
Adobe InDesign CS5 plugins, but first of all,
what is a plugin? Well, we read here the InDesign plugin
modules are software programs developed
by the Adobe Systems and other software developers,
third-party software developers,
working in conjunction with Adobe to add features to Adobe software. A number of importing, exporting, automation and special effects plug-ins
come with your program, and automatically are installed
in the plugins folder. Let’s go look at that over there,
in the Adobe Applications folder,
right now. Okay, so on this Mac here
in the Applications folder, and I cruise into Adobe InDesign CS5, and inside Adobe InDesign CS5,
you see several folders, one which is the plugins folder
just mentioned in the Help page on the site. So, if you click on
this Plug-Ins folder, Once again, we’re in CS5,
the CS5 Plug-Ins folder. We see, inside of there,
several different subfolders. So, how do we get third-party plug-ins?
How do we add features and functions to Adobe InDesign, without plugging into Adobe themselves? Let’s go check that out.
Okay, I’m over here at a third-party developer for CS5 plugins called Markzware, and we make several plugins and xtensions for InDesign and other DTP applications:
Quark, Illustrator,
Photoshop, etc. We cruise on into one particular Adobe InDesign CS5 plugin which is Q2ID. We can there read that Q2ID
imports Quark files into InDesign.
It’ll open Quark files in InDesign. So, this is a very handy CS5 plugin. So, we can buy that now and, once we get this product, we’ll install it and show
you how it looks in the Adobe CS5 Plug-Ins folder. Here’s an example of an Adobe InDesign CS5.5 plugin. You see the .InDesignPlugin
gives it away as an
Adobe InDesign CS5 plugin, in this case. We see different versions of InDesign plugins, as well. Let’s look add this into
our InDesign folder under the Plug-Ins and Filters folder
and see how that works. Okay, so, now
we’ve added or used the third-party developer’s installer
to install the plugin, and, in this case, we’ll go under Filters in the Plug-Ins folder, and we’ll see in there are several
other plugins. You’ll notice that
they all have the .InDesignPlugin extension. And you’ll see that one of those is the one we just showed you from Markzware Q2ID v5.5 plugin for CS5.5, and this plugin will now show up
within our Adobe InDesign CS5 application. So, that is how you can update Adobe InDesign CS5 plugins, by simply reinstalling a version of that plugin, in this case,
we get a fresh install. Alright, how does it
look inside InDesign? How does this update of Adobe InDesign CS5 plugin look once we’ve launched
Adobe InDesign? Let’s go check it out. So, here we are within InDesign, where you will see updated Adobe InDesign CS5 plugins and
where you’ll need to install them. It really depends on the manufacturer. InDesign CS5 plugins can be built
to work in the background with InDesign. Markzware, in this case, adds a
Markzware menu item up top in the
InDesign menu item. So, you see this updated InDesign CS5 plugin
shows up right within InDesign. Alright, everybody. This has been the how-to update InDesign CS5 plugins. I hope it’s been helpful. It’s quite a simple process.
You simply must just
go to the developer, to Adobe’s webpage, and find the updated
version of that plugin. And basically, generally
do a fresh install or update or reinstall the plugin. Plugins are very useful.
They can help you enhance
Adobe InDesign incredibly, saving you even more time and money. This is David Dilling from
Markzware on how to update Adobe InDesign CS5 plugins.

How to Update Adobe InDesign CS5 plugins
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