OK let me talk about how to use the shaderfilter let me show you where I download it simply open up a browser I can’t see myself move it up and let’s get there type OBS shader plugin OK and then enter then you’ll see this OBS Shaderfilter website click inside Then, you will see here the Github link besides source code url click it Once you get in Github you will … see here and click clone and download I won’t download as I got it already After your download get back to… usually it’ll go to your download folder should be here ooops my phone is off the download folder should be here If you didn’t specify, it’ll go to your download folder OK leave it like this then you should see a folder called OBS Shaderfilter window… I assume you’re using Windows it is a zip file you need to extract it here I’ve just extracted so you should see the folder here just click inside and you should see all these files what you need to do is copy and paste this obs shader folder by pressing [Ctrl] [C] and then… put it inside … your OBS installation folder here my obs folder is in d drive program files that’s my setup your setup might be different from mine Bear in mind, it has to be in OBS folder So it should be in obs-studio folder Ok and then paste the OBS-shaderfilter folder to the data folder inside obs-studio folder’s data folder and then plugins and then … paste it here so you should see obs-shaderfilter-win here click inside and you will see all the folders that we extracted before let’s see That’s the installation Once you get that done you can now turn it off and then go to your video source then click filters to get into the video filters panel here let me remove my original filters and add a new shaderfilter for the name, just name it whatever you want once you get it done simply left-click the filter you can either code your effect here or select from the default effects make sure you tick both of them for effects then hit ‘browse’ and navigate to the obs-studio/data obs-plugins shaderfilter-win obs-shaderfilter-win data obs-plugins obs-shaderfilter … examples folder and look for those ending with .effect here I pick the ‘cartoon effect’ and here it’s the preview and this is the actual result let’s say if I want to use a dot shader instead of an effect let me untick everything and only keep the bottom one simply hit browse and look for files ending with dot shader here you can preview the blinking shader the blink is too slow so let me make it a little bit faster here you see the speed item if I change to 100 you’ll see a much quicker blink

How To Install OBS Studio ShaderFilter Plugin
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