seven people here and whistling Moorhead
mover I didn’t promote it too much but hey guys welcome to the session here
today and this is the office hour we just talked about you know what do we
need to write so if you have any questions you are more than welcome to
send that out but I’ll always have some sort of agenda few things to teach you
guys and things like that today we’re gonna go ahead and talk about we’re
going to share my screen with you as well and people should be able to see my
screen you can you see it in the cache yeah and okay so we’re gonna go in
talking so Corona stuffs a lot of people have been infected with corona virus all
over you know the country and I just wanna go ahead and ask you know let me
guess what you what are you doing to cope with it ah
number one staying home that’s the best write that I’ve got to avoid going out
and spreading it or catching it and number two just you know staying
positive talk times will pass so you know not too worried but just to stay
positive right and you know I mean I mean the gyms are closed right now so
what do we do work out at home man I’ve been doing a little bit of push-ups
right and dips so my friend Eileen this morning he was like you know I did some
push-ups and dips I’m like how did you do dips and he was telling me that he
was using a couch and he was like you know going here often this and that’s
cool too you know yeah there’s lots of videos on YouTube too you know if you
want to work out and stuff yeah we have to stay active and you know and just
just be careful and you I think we’ll be fine yeah and you know while this crazy
stuff is going on right couple of things that Nikesh and I were working on is you
know this you know we’re not financial advisors but but you know if you lose
Larry it’s not our fault but what we were doing was we were spending money on
you know stocks these days and I think we did the essential we shorted
Facebook but you know as uber got super super super low when the vest had almost
20 20 K on uber tuber stops and I think Nikesh will go ahead and talk initially
we’re like you know should we invest on Facebook or overwrite yeah now now
initially we’re like you know Facebook it’s a worldwide product and it is gonna
go back up it’s a discounted rate at this time we
thought that and then yeah that’s true then when the loopers you know it went
down we were like we’re doing math so we could buy the same amount of stock right
let’s say more stocks more stuff in the face on more the number would be higher
and and then you know that right I think right now it’s at 20-something I think
we we bought it at like 14 something and you know I think the IPO was at 40 how
much was it at IPO the IPO was around like 50 bucks
might be like 47 50 bucks yeah I see let me see I just wanted to see I forgot what did
you buy the Box thing goes around like 47 50 I want to say but let’s go like
and doing my new max or back yeah now I guess Google doesn’t owe you I just
wanted to see what the I think the idea was I think it right now it’s discounted
I was just curious with the the IPO opened at 45 you’re 45 what is sound
right yeah so right now it’s like it’s like a super discounted price yeah
pretty much half on half off so if you saw so like I said it’s not don’t take
any advices from the queue loser no money’s not at fault but
you know it’s pretty safe safe bet because as soon as this stuff you know
one in a ghost town Uber’s people gonna start ordering you
know right it’s gonna go up and it’s already starting to be used on Hong Kong
and a lot of other places as well so that’s a pretty good bet and it’s like
magically you can double your money yeah that that’s what we’ve been up to so for
everyone out there you know try to at least do some exercise
it really helps item yoga I do push-ups and you know it’s not doesn’t feel as
intense as going to the gym though yeah right yeah it doesn’t feel the same but
at least it gets your body moving wise you know it makes you active and you’re
not just sitting there you gotta do something I mean this is this move your
head just do something right you got at least do something you’ll be fine yes
yes there are cases in your house you can just go up and down it’s also got a
boot string here as well so do that drink lots of lots of water and I think
we’ll all get through it and like after for like 5-10 years we’ll get to brag
about how so so right now so what do you guys think this this bottle has bucky’s
what do y’all think this ass can anyone guess sanitizer No anyone else wanna
guess most people are saying sanitizer oh I don’t know
why would I put water with this anybody else but actually I mean I do have normal sent hazard as
well but you know I got some vodka I mean it doesn’t work so we were out of
it and Nikesh and I would put in a vodka in like this
and I mean it killed it it is alcohol it is alcohol so it is gonna work so these
are all the time so one happening vodka in my you got do it yeah I wanted melt
me tell you that yeah I don’t wanna drink these days but smells good now so
be careful and be safe okay so now next up next agenda we’re gonna talk away and
talk about few things so free traffic via image tagging I think Nikesh was the
one who came up with this but I’ll go ahead explain what he did so pretty much
we noticed that you know some of our websites were getting a lot of a lot of
you know traffic and on Google Analytics said the traffic was coming in from like
Google Images mm-hmm right yes and what’s coming from Google Images and I’m
like niggas what’s happening what’s happening growth and then he teaches me
this really cool way which I’m gonna show everyone a few guys so it works
okay so pretty much it’s called tagging your image a lot of people don’t do this
and you should so a lot of people times what we do is this row you come here
right you select an image I hope my porn doesn’t pop up here ah let’s see this
example here right so this this Amelia so it pops up just like this right here
and is it now is it uploaded yeah it’s uploaded it’s right there okay so
usually this uploaded like that and then you know it’s just like that and a lot
of people just go ahead and start using it right mm-hmm
yeah so a lot of people’s okay give me a second can you say give me a second and I’ll go you guys
okay Dixon upon worsening come on a cup so sorry about that so a lot of people
like what people do with this come up here and they use just insert it right
mm-hmm this image so you come usually people do
this so they come here we show an example and it’s a really simple thing
but you know it really really helps so people come here and then you know they
just put their image yeah is it image or image right here and let’s click media
library this ice and I used to do this too all the time right just do this and
then this it’s like that’s all I would do right nagesh initially now Nikesh put
a little spin to it and a lot of people don’t know about it because they don’t
do it it’s kind of boring work but you get a lot of traffic from it so I think
is shown in guiding how I do it yeah yeah go ahead click click on there how
are you going back so go back right here right uh-huh
now click on the image yeah okay so you see all those sections on the side yeah
so you want to fill it out especially the alt text and the best thing is like
he said people were finding us on you know Google and stuff like that because
the same keywords we were trying to put in our articles so let’s say the article
is about you know how to lose weight we would make sure that that word shows up
in the alt text the title the caption in the description everything like that
exact so if you just make this change you’re gonna see at least like I’m
telling at least a percent or two more traffic coming in from the same traffic
or same information that you that you already have going on so why not do it
right yeah it is a little bit of busy work but it’s not hard work it’s not
hard work I’ll tell you that so yeah that was a trick yes
Wow I guess I got one more so we’ll talk about that so do that on your work
crash sites or any sites now second up is I want to talk to you guys about case
studies now now this is a very simple method a lot of people don’t do it but I
want I’ll encourage each one if you guys should do it so for example let’s say
you got a new website build or landing page bill or you got a new product right
and you’re so proud of it you think it’s the best one out there
you think it’s your best baby out there but you know what you could be wrong and
a lot of people will believe that and they will go through that for years and
years and years and realize that hey it could have made a small change or maybe
that was not the best best product and sometimes you know it’s best to quit a
lot of people are you know against quitting but I’ll tell you this so I’d
quit like you know I’ve put a lot of projects that has actually freed up my
time to do other stuff that’s one thing so sometimes it’s best to quit now
number two a lot of people they don’t validate their product their sales page
their work the thing they may be the best one out even when we build out a
probably no pages we’re pretty good I do not pretty good but even we we want to
go ahead and you know test it validate it now there isn’t for that is right now
I’m looking at a page right I’m looking I’m trying to dumb me down so I look at
it as a normal visitor or a customer but still you know back up my brain you know
these is now wired like my brain is not wired these days like that does that
make sense – yeah it makes sense I think what you’re trying to say is
sometimes you’re so focused on a project that you kind of get tunnel vision right
you’re you’re just in that one way and when other people look at it on it’s not
like you know sometimes when people say validation it’s like oh it’s to prove
that what I’m doing is right but that’s not always the case sometimes an outside
perspective actually improves the product exactly so so I guess we can go
to a little bit of story time so I think Nikesh and me were looking at pod Neos
player was a podcast player right I’m going to talk about a little bit yeah so
we wanted to we knew we had to change our player right make it a
a bit better and it means that each had this huge idea we’re gonna change the
color we’re gonna do this we’re gonna add this and that and all these things
and um we came to a point where we just didn’t know what to do anymore we
couldn’t add anymore things we couldn’t come up with any more ideas and then we
brought in an outside person rather than outside person they came in they looked
at it and I think we thought or we kind of decided that we were overthinking it
right they made it much simpler much easier
for us and it made our goals you know more focused I guess yeah so so what we
got out of from that who was that year instead of you know we were just tell
worse because because we were taking you know Pacific Way but I think we ended up
keeping our player the old one yes with just minor improvements yeah so you
always got a you know a third parties now one of the tools that I love is
called user testing I think that’s what we use user I think it’s a pretty cool
service so the way it works is uh you let’s say you got you got something
right and then people here you know you pay em and then what you do is then you
go ahead and people who look at your site your product and they’ll just give
you an honest feedback because they don’t have any interest this just trying
to give you what a normal average Joe thinks about it and it’s pretty good
good information good inside you can find that what people actually thought
you know how their brain is working when it’s when they’re going through it now
you know at the seasoned marketer we can figure that out but it’s always always
always best you spent spent some money and that’s part of your business because
if you don’t then you’re gonna see you gonna be good you better lose money you
lose we’re gonna lose out on conversion or you might be chasing something that
you should give up yeah that’s sure that’s true right so
yeah I think that wraps up my agenda is there any other questions anyone wants
to ask about topics similar to this or something I got about 15 more minutes
and I will call it in get remember it’s happening every day I’m planning to do
it every single day for the next seven days for sure and I will decide if I
want to do another week of this it’ll be helpful Elco for a lot of people yes and
we got some really really interesting topics next right in the few days let’s
see leads I mean I wanna if you have any questions please ask that in actually
tell me I like leads or you know it’s just bad it’s a little small time okay I
think I got a question here they’re asking me okay mobile site what’s the
most important part to get better conversion so so Joe here is asking job
Finnick he’s asking so what can people do to boost conversions on their mobile
phones what was your take Nikesh to boost conversions
yes on your mobile phone website ah number one thing I would say is make
sure that all your images your videos your buns are mobile friendly and they
fit it’s amazing we come across so many sites today dad where you know their
images are too large it’s hard to scroll down things like that so the biggest
thing is make sure that it’s mobile friendly just because your theme or a
template you’re using is responsive doesn’t mean that it’s going to work on
all devices or work correctly you know when you edit and add your own pictures
and stuff like that so make sure that you do test it out on your mobile sites
and that you do you know make sure that everything works and everything is good
because if it doesn’t work a lot of people think you know the site is messed
up or broken or you know it’s some scam guy made it or something like that yeah
that’s I think that’s a big big big chunk of it to make sure that fin works
well you want to make sure that it looks good and a couple of things I want to
add on to Nikesh is point is add a phone number on the top
even though people might not call they will always appreciate the fact that hey
if I go and buy something give out their information especially if they’re buying
something they’ll head back up their mind right so they’ll think hey if have
a problem I can dial this number now that phone number doesn’t have to
actually go to your cell phone you can just use dial color or any automated
system so it tops and tells people to sign up send out an email or things like
that so that has really really helped get now make sure that on mobile devices
your call-to-action buttons are with em it applies to desktop sites to make sure
the call-to-action buttons are there’s like you know times four times than the
desktop version and you can do that make sure you have it multiple places since
it’s such a small screen right so we have to make sure that you know we are
calling out to for them to actually click on a button or whatever that may
be so make sure to add you know those call to action and lastly a lot of you
guys are creating like you know flashy websites flashy mobile sites maybe
twenty-two down a little bit maybe simple always wants to bet you know it’s
just I’ll be honest with you so if you try to make it too fancy people are
gonna get confused okay white background black text default fonts and you know on
on mobile make sure the font is not too too too small it’s just it’s big but
don’t go crazy with like you know crazy fonts or crazy stuff like that yeah I
think that’s it let’s see if there’s anything else yeah there’s some
about how to market at this you know coronavirus we’ll talk about that
tomorrow office hour I think it’s good today I’ll keep that question and I’ll
go and go over that tomorrow but thank you everyone for being here today thank
you in the cash for getting on the call with me
and I hope you guys enjoyed it share the registration link with your friends
family on Facebook who are you know remote workers startup owners
entrepreneurs who want you know to get on this office Collins talked a bit you
know so so you see a human being at least give you know you’re in my room in
your room Lucille and you know people better okay you guys take care have a
wonderful wonderful night or day thank you so much thank you

How To Drive More Traffic From Google Images

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