Hello, welcome to LM Skills Academy
and I’m Md Munna. It’s a question by many about
how to download videos from Hotstar. I had earlier uploaded a vidoe on this
that was working that time but no more working now. so this is a new video where I’m going to tell you
how to download Hotstar videos with Internet Download Manager. If you’ve not yet installed Internet Download Manager
or don’t know how to install the software you can check the link in description below to know
how to install the software and download videos I’m at Hotstar website now You may notice I have installe Internet Download Manager
installed and can see its extension here. We’ll check for a short video that we’ll download now. Suppose we want to download this 3 minutes
video with Internet Download Manager First, click on this video This will open in its page and video will start playing. As the video starts, you can see there is
a ‘Download this video’ option at the top-right side. This download link is appear because
Internet Download Manager is installed. When we click this link, this will show
all the available video quality formats for this video. To download a video quality format, click on the link It’ll ask you to start downloading the video. To start downloading the video, click Start Download. The video has been downloaded. Now, when we click open, it will ask to select
the media player installed in the computer to play it. Let’s select VLC and click OK. You can see the downloaded video is now playing in VLC. This way, you can install Internet Download Manager and
download any video from Hotstar website I hope this video helps you download your favorite videos. That’s all in this video. If you liked this video, please
‘Subscribe’ this channel and also share with others. Thank you very much for watching this video today.

How to Download videos from Hotstar with Internet Download Manager

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