This video will show you howto adjust the size
of your browser window
if you accidentally move it
off the screen
or make it too big or small
on a Windows computer.
We’ll show you how
to restore your browser
by clicking on the browser window,how to restore it using shortcutsand how to change the viewing size
in your web browser.
To restore or maximise
your browser window
and make it fill the entire screenclick on the rectangle
in the top right corner.
If you can’t see
the rectangle,
but can see the top bar,
left click on the bar
and drag it into the screen
until you can see the rectangle
then click on it.You can also double click on the
top bar to expand it or shrink it,
depending on its current state.If you can’t see the bar and need
to restore your browser window,
you can do so by
using shortcuts.
By pressing the window key
and the up arrow key
you can restore your browser window
so it fills your screen.
To restore the window
to its previous state
press the Windows key
and press the Down Arrow key.
And if your browser window
has disappeared off your screen,
press the Window key and the
Left Arrow key to move it left…
..or the Window key and the
Right Arrow key to move it right.
This way, if while using two
monitors, you disconnect one,
and the browser window disappearsbecause your computer
still thinks you have two,
you’ll be able to retrieve it.To change your size of the content
displayed within your web browser,
open the settings menu
and increase
or decrease the level of zoom
within your browser by clicking on
the plus or minus icons.These steps may vary depending
on the web browser you’re using.
And that’s it!That’s how to adjust your web
browser size on a Windows computer.
For support when you need it,

How to adjust your screen browser size
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