how to add a facebook page to a blogger
or website hi friends this is Ankit from the
guy’s computer and today we will add a facebook page to our blog so first of all open your blog and go to
the layout we will do it easy way first and here’s the blogger layout and i will
simple click add a gadget after that i will click on HTML
Javascript now put the title and get you Catchy title right now we are at facebook facebook
and in this content c space you need to put a java script or HTML code
now to get the facebook code you must navigate to this address I have
given this address in the description click there and you will not you will
see page here and right at Facebook page you are and put your Facebook page
address and it will show you the preview but as I don’t like this preview of the
for you I want this is smaller one so i will add
this code directly to my facebook page now after clicking save and view blog this page is here I need to put this code and change this
address t I need to put that code and change that
replace that address with facebook page address a lot of options are given in this
Facebook Developer page so if you want one to give the facility
of enabling message from your blog then you can add a simple line this line to
that previous code here’s how you can control C and that
line and press save now now your facebook page will be like this people can directly message you as I told you earlier that i am not
liking this big space so i will edit this space to do that write a simple line code – hi Gia and tricky that’s all. After that click save and reload the page. how’s this tab this box is now small in each site now
more customization is here if you want to run data if you want to hide your
cover you can change this value to true or if
you want to see your friends or people’s faces then make it to the are you – OH face
find true after clicking save, this facebook page will show the faces of the people who had liked this page In this way you can add facebook page to your blog or
website so this was the easy way to do this but
if that code here it is not working for then you then you need to do in complex we
first go to the Edit testing html or the template or would you need to find out
your HTML code of your blog or website here in blogger it is inside template and now search
describing head as already had is here now after this body you need to put
a code given by Facebook do that how to get that cod press here get code and this is that code control C paste it here after that save element
and repeat the same element and you can just now either copy and paste this code
or two to the sidebar like we had done it earlier or you can just are you can just get
these again this is my code and peace there each there in the sidebar in this way you will add a facebook page
to your blog or website you guys for a written version of this video
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how to add facebook page to blogger(Facebook Plugin)

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