in this episode of the home studio show
I’m looking at the FL Studio 20.6 update I’m also looking at the behringer
podcaststudio 2 USB and I’ll also be looking at tone 2 Icarus 2 synth plus
free plugins and so much more I’m Zane and welcome to the home studio show on
simple green tech this is a weekly show that does audio tech news and reviews to
help you find new tools for your home studio and I also make sure to check out
a couple of free plugins in every episode and every episode is also
available as a podcast you can head over to and
download it as an audio podcast now before we get into the news this week I
just want to give a quick shout out to xxx paps Dean c2000 tripping over Chur
and cocina throw they answered last week’s question correctly which was
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 stick around for the trivia
question in this episode and see if you have this week’s answer now let’s get
into the news first up FL Studio has been updated to FL Studio 20.6 the key
FL Studio 20.6 features include a new distortion and amp simulator pedal style
plugin called distructor this new feature puts the most popular distortion
and filter effects into a single multi effects guitar pedal inspired plug-in
and another new update is the improved audio time warping available in the new
time editor this is a time manipulation editor slice warp time correct edit
vocals instrumentals and other recordings all within new time if you
own control voltage hardware then you’ll like the new fruity voltage controller
that allows you to control up to eight pieces of cv compatible synths and
devices FL studio 20.6 has also added soundcloud exporting so you can easily
upload your latest tracks to SoundCloud from within FL Studio there have been
many other updates tweaks and fixes check the link in the
description for more information on the FL studio’ 20.6 update next in
news Behringer has released the podcast studio 2 USB with this little bundle
you get the xenyx 302 USB mixer the ultravoice XM8500 microphone which is
an excellent budget price dynamic mic you also get the HPM 1000 headphones
and they’ve also included a handy desktop mic stand XLR cable and a USB
cable plus you can download a ton of software from behringer site this is
actually a decent little bundle of hardware if you want to start a podcast
this is everything that you’ll need to start out and of course you can use all
of this gear for music recording as well tone 2 have released a beast of a
synthesizer workstation called Icarus 2 Icarus 2 offers 54 different
synthesis methods the audio engine is able to create all classic synthesizer
sounds and it can produce a vast range of new modern sounds the innovative 3d
wavetable synthesis allows you to create new sounds with dynamic expressions and
acoustic movement plus there are many other unique synthesis methods available
the audio engine offers many powerful features like a drum sequencer a
built-in vocoder resynthesis a glitch sequencer an advanced wavetable editor
an extremely mighty oscillator section and many more features all of this and
they still made Icarus to a very easy synth to use Icarus 2 ships with a
collection of 1600 production-ready sounds created by professional designers
and you have a smart patch browser that allows you to find the right sound
quickly for more information on tone 2 Icarus 2 check the link in the
description Sender spike have released another new free plugin this one is the
signal noise SN03-G taperecorder free this is a tape sound emulation
plugin designed with a completely new paradigm
it’s not based on tape speed or type instead it takes the key components of
analog tape recorders and allows you to create a custom tape machine that
operates in the range of 7.5 to 30 IPs again this is a free plugin and at the
moment it’s only available to Windows users be sure to check the link in the
description if you’re interested in more information and if you’re enjoying this
episode of the home studio show so far please give it a thumbs up it really
does help out the channel and I appreciate it quite a bit now let’s move
on to the plugins worth checking out and first up this week we have soundToys
Decapitator with Decapitator you get 5 analog saturation models to choose from
allowing you to add character to every kind of track and instrument in your
mixes you can shape the saturated sound with the modeled tone control and the
mix control allows you to blend in some dry signal for parallel processing
without the need for routing and sub mixes this plug-in is great for adding
some interest to your tracks by adding some analog character the next plugin worth checking out is
from air music technology and this one is XPand2! – Xpand2! is a multi
temporal workstation offering 4 active sound slots or parts per patch taking
advantage of the four parts together to build one amazing patch is where Xpand2!
really shines the voice mode for each part can be set to polyphonic or
monophonic polyphonic parts can have up to 64 voices and monophonic parts offer
first last highest or lowest priority making it easy to designate a bass lead
or solo instrument if you like to start out with presets expand to comes with
over 2500 total presets and parts in a number of different categories let’s
give some of those preset to listen right now you can often find Xpand2! on sale at
plugin boutique for fairly cheap I put the link in the description below so you
can check it out now before we move on to the free plugins of the week it’s
time for our trivia question now name the song and the original artist or band
from these lyrics girl comes home and checks her phone she fools herself that
she’s not alone and if you think you know the answer be sure to put it in the
comments below and you can get a shout out in the next episode of the home
studio show now let’s move on to the free plugins of the week and first up we
have RITmix this is probably the best free drum machine plugin available you
get 16 MPC style pads you can load your sounds into the pads and edit each one
to suit your needs you also get a 16 step sequencer built right in to ritmix
allowing you to generate rhythms quickly by either clicking or recording your
performance on the MPC pads let’s have a look at Ritmix now the next free
plug-in of the week is reflekt audio playtime – playtime is a free VST plugin
created by Daniel of reflekt audio playtime consists of ten separate toy
instruments including a desktop drum kit with a few Tom’s & a hi-hat a toy
keyboard a toy banjo and more each instrument was sampled
from real toys so it will give you a unique and interesting toy like sound
let’s test it out right now click here for the home studio show playlist or
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Home Studio Show – FL Studio 20.6, Free Plugins & More

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