So I’m here on the website to
demonstrate Google Translate. Google Translate is a Chrome Extension that has a lot of features
that could benefit many of your students. So if you have your students doing research
online and they come across a word they may not recognize what they can do with this extension
is highlight the word. Notice this Google Translate icon comes up and it’s going to
show me the word in English. It’s also going to show me the word in the language I designated
as my primary language in this case I’ve said Spanish. What’s really nice here is I can
listen to the word in English “language” and I can also hear the word in my primary language
“idioma” And I have a lot more options than that. Notice here I’ve already set it my primary
language as Spanish but Google Translate offers a variety of different languages that you
can set as your primary language. Additionally, if I go back I can go to more and it will
take to the Google Translate page where I’m going to have a lot more information about
either the word I have highlighted. But I can also do this with sentences. Let me show
you that. So let’s say I want this entire sentence read to me in my primary language
which I highlight, click here. Here I have it translated into Spanish. If I want to hear
it I do have to click more that will open up a new tab and in this new tab , “El lenguaje
de los materiales curriculares..” I click the speaker icon and I can hear it translated
for me.

Google Translate Chrome Extension
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  • May 16, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    how can i use this translator?please tell me


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