Google Text to Speech is an add-on for the Firefox browser and this provides the opportunity to have to have text read back when accessing
information on a Firefox browser. Once you have downloaded the add on in Firefox, within your settings you can enable and you can disable Google text to speech I have it enabled at the moment. There are a few options to adapt or change it slightly, you can have the text
highlighted when the speech is running and you can change the way this information is fedback. If I am on a website & want information read back I would select the text that I want to highlight/read back and once I’ve done that a green bubble appears, once I click that icon the text will be read back for me. Google TTS reads back text ……..This will also highlight paragragh by paragraph. which offers the option to track what is being read. Google TTS reads back text …….. Google TTS reads back text …….. Google TTS reads back text …….. Another thing that the TTS add on does is picks up other languages. If I go to another web page this is a Spanish web page, ONCE is the Spanish service to support blind and Visually Impaired between people and if I go here I highlight the text what should
happen is this should read back in a Spanish accent will also chunk the
information into paragraphs. Google TTS reads back text …….. So that’s Google Text to Speech add-in for Firefox.

Google Text to Speech add in for the Firefox browser
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