Hi Google, my name is Oscar and I’m a
level seven local guide living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I first
discovered the local guides program through searching for reviews and photos
of restaurants to check out because I’m an aspiring foodie. For me the way the
restaurant looks is just as important as the food, so I started creating
contributions with descriptions of the atmosphere, decor, and how the restaurant made me feel. Initially I thought it was just me who valued that since the
reviews and photos I saw largely featured ONLY food but I started
receiving feedback from many owners thanking me for providing an overall
review of my whole experience, then I realized that it was something that
others valued as well. This impacted my life because I now go out of my way to
get photos of every aspect of the restaurant experience and am not afraid
of being judged when taking food photos because I know that I’m helping others!
Thanks for watching and I hope to see you at Connect Live 2020!

Google Local Guides – Connect Live 2020 Application
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