hello guys what’s going on my name is
JAKE AND create videos on HACKS which you never knew existed if you subscribe
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ahead and jump into the video so what you want to know is how to get free data
GUYS I’m going to repeat free data guys on your mobile device so the steps
you are going to need are as follows make sure you watch this video to the
end so that you don’t miss out on any crucial information or any crucial steps
because what I’ve seen from you guys is that you watch the video for a few
minutes and then you skip to the end and guys if you do do this how do you expect
the method to work like as how just doesn’t make sense just make sure that
you watch it to the end that’s all I require from you guys okay number one
what you’re going to need to do is to download two apps namely HTTP injector
and the telegram apk after downloading telegram you’re going to want to click
on my telegram public GROUP LINK once you are in the group you’re going to receive
daily updates of updated files from me and guys these files go hand-in-hand
with the HTTP injector app in which you’re going to download as well so if
you click on a file it will direct you straight to the HTTP injector app and guys like for the only way to see if
this method actually truly works is for you to actually like take a few minutes
from your day and try this method out because like the apps in which you’re
going to download don’t even take up a lot of space so you can’t cry about no I
ain’t got space and all that you know and guys like this F hack works a
hundred percent of the time just follow the steps in which I am showing you
right now so like what I would like to do you guys is to show you that I really
don’t have data and like I’m going to like click off form what is this my WI-FI
I’m going to log OFF from the Wi-Fi so that I show you that this method actually
does truly work without having data so I’m going to do right now guys is to
show you that I truly don’t have any data at all whatsoever
so that you can believe that this app actually works and guys you can see like
right here already that I have 0 AIRTIME 0 sms’s 0 data and 0 FREE minutes OR I
don’t know MTN wave bundles and all like I have 0 of them okay guys
now with that out of the way you will need an empty end SIM card or a cell C
SIM card if you’re in another country I’m sorry but this method won’t work for
you if you don’t have these sim cards so if you have the MTN SIM card or
CELLC SIM card I personally recommend the MTN SIM card and you WILL know why
if you are ALREADY A user of this app and if your regular
ACTIVE user of my telegram GROUP CHAT like if you talk after and you are active in
THE APP and guys I know most of y’all will be thinking AHH I need to buy a new MTN
SIM card WTF you know like it’s a hassle and like you know like your previous
numbers you GOING TO have to like make A SIM SWAP YOU KNOW like guys the only
thing you need to do is you got to RECCA the MTN SIM card and like to do
this you have to buy it from a store obviously in which you live in and like
if YOU in South Africa you can buy it from the people we called our friends
bOO my friend because guys if you really think about it it will be the last time
you’ll ever have to use paid data in your life guys like in your LIFE like
even if you in your 80s you know like you will still be using free data and
like this method hasn’t ever been discovered by anyone so far in which
will terminate this method from actually working and guys the links to download
these APPS will be in the description below like the HTTP injector app and the
telegram app and there’s also the link to the notorious hacks public group
telegram channel will also be located in the description box below so there’s one
thing you really need is to make sure that your mobile data is on and it’s
functioning properly and what you going to do after pressing the files in which
I’ve sent you pressing on the files in which have sent you in the TELEGRAM app
is going to direct you to this HTTP injector app and you’re going to see
this start button right here so what you’re going to do is going to click the
start button and after you going to go to the log section so you will see that
the authentication Of your password is going and IT SAYS right here that it’s connected that is connected so since it’s
connected what I’m going to show to you guys right now is that since you have
seen that I have no data so it should be physically emotionally spiritually
EVERYTHINGALLY impossible for me to actually let’s say for me to watch
YouTube videos so what I’ll do like guys if you like this video and if it was
helpful to you like PLEASESUBSCRIBE to my channel click the notification bell
so that you will be also informed on my future videos in which I will release
this is the notification BELL so what I’ll do now is THAT I will show you let
me go to my people in which I SUBSCRIBE IN or no let me just SEARCH a
random video let’s say ELEVEN ways to memorize oh OR we could go to trending
and guys you can see that it’s working because since you can see that the apps WORKING
and like GUYS you can check above here that there is no there’s no what is this
there is no Wi-Fi running or anything only this 4G HERE in which is my mobile data
in which is working so that let me go to trending I want to show you a live video
of this method actually working like let’s check oh whoa
Chris Brown and guidance official music video DRAKE HERE let’s check it out and guys like as you can see works like
immediately like not like it’s gonna work tomorrow or after a few days always
gonna give you problems it won’t give you problemS and like guys if you have
any problems with the app working for you you can
comment in the description below I’m also going to leave my whatsapp contact
details my Instagram page my facebook page my Twitter page and also my
telegram account so like as you can see guys like the app works because like you
can see the video is working like I’ve proved to y’all this is like 100% proof
it works the only thing you need to do guys is act because I’ve seen a lot of
people that they just watch the videos and like they don’t take action and if
you don’t take action you will never see the magic ever happening let me
fast-forward HERE okay let’s just VIEW it for few minutes indigo yo Chris Brown and Drake so guys I don’t
want TO WAIST MORE OF your time so guys I don’t want to waste any more of your time you
have seen that the video works and the applications do work only need only
those two videos only these sorry only these two apps guys like please
subscribe to my channel please SHARE if you don’t want to use this video if you
think it was not helpful for you please share to your friends and family your
neighbors adults guys like everyone in which you can share too because like
guys you can’t be paying for data every single day imagine like guys how much
data actually costs like per day just to use basic social media platforms like
Instagram whatsapp Facebook Twitter like you know that you actually going to have
to pay a lot of money for that AND guys from these methods it’s like you never
ever have to pay for data in your life ever guys like ever I don’t know how to
further emphasize this more but then guys thank you very much for watching my
video please subscribe click the notification bell click the thumbs up
button if you have a comment comment and like I’ll leave the links of the apps
and the channels and the links in the description below peace out guys and
love you Lincoln leanness and family I’m with you all the way thank you guys hey trips that you prefer and then it’s
always best to an awful nigga so cheap so do you



  • August 5, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Telegram channel it will shock you what you find here

  • August 6, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Stop having doubts and just check the method out it works 100%guys ❤

  • August 9, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Aii jake😂😂😂😂


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