You can have multiple columns, but in this example I use only one. You can style it the way you want but don’t add left or right padding to your elements. The maximum width of the flexpanel__content container is controlled by CSS. You can modify these for desktop, tablet and mobile. Just read the comments in the CSS code. I also style the panel title now. If the navigator shows up but no elements are visible (this happens) , update your work and refresh the browser (F5) or (CTRL + F5) You can simply duplicate the panel, all settings and names will be duplicated too, also the layer names in the navigator. To style the other panels, you can try to select the elements while they are moving, but I prefer the navigator… Right now I’m styling the heading in the Earth panel but it’s not visible at the moment. I use the navigator window to select the element. Changes are made, we can paste the CSS back in. Back to the other version?
No problem…

Flexpanels in Elementor Pro tutorial no extra plugins
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