Hello Everyone! This side Tarun Goswami, recording this video for programsbuzz.com Today, we will discuss how to find element for Android Web App using Chrome ADB Plugin Ok, for that open google first and type Chrome ADB plugin, click on first link Here click add to chrome, click on Add extension, so here you can see ADB has been added to chrome, now open it Click view inspection target, here You can see the device is not listed, you need to Connect your mobile with USB so there are some pending Authentication please accept debugging session on the device So you need to accept debugging session on your device Now the next step is you need to Open google chrome in your device, so once I open the google chrome, I can see few already opened Website, if you want to open new one you can open From here, I am typing the website I want to open Which is HTTP automation practice.com Click on open. So here you can see I got a new, website listed below Like My Store click on inspect so This has opened the same website Which is in my device, so we can inspect In similar way we inspect in regular browser, you need to Select that pointer and select any element here And you can see on the right side its showing me class For that particular element. Complete HTML is showing There, I control my whole website from here As well as from my mobile. So Same website is showing here as well as on my device Thank You! For watching this video.

Finding elements for Android web-based apps using the Chrome ADB plugin
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